The company Skaza – the best employer of 2014 in the category of medium-sized companies | Plastika Skaza d.o.o.

The company Skaza – the best employer of 2014 in the category of medium-sized companies


The eighth annual awards for the best employers among companies have been handed out by the daily newspaper Dnevnik and its partners at the Ljubljana Castle. The companyPlastika Skaza was among 83 companies which were shortlisted as best employers by the 2014 Zlata Nit awards.  The award was accepted by the Managing Director Ana Laura Rednak. 

Reasons given by the selection committee: “Plastika Skaza is a successful, development-oriented, and growing family company with a great transformation ability and a focus on achieving its ambitious goals. In the past four years, the significant progress of the company has been evident, which is not only due to its organic growth but mainly due to its suitable approach to the development of talent and its organization. In addition to its motto "every employee counts," the company has also been motivated by the philosophy of added value according to the principle 1+1=3, oriented towards creating high added value and based on the understanding of human potential as well as the high-quality relationship between employees and management. The company has a very structured work process with clear goals and performance indicators, which each employee monitors for themselves on a daily basis, thus being aware of exactly how much they will be rewarded financially if they perform better than planned. Great emphasis is placed on knowledge, innovation, and leading by example. At Plastika Skaza, work is carried out in four shifts, so this company, which is growing at a 20% annual revenue growth rate, never sleeps, while at the same time making efforts to be a family-friendly company.”