The end of the Skaza's school year 2016/17 | Plastika Skaza d.o.o.

The end of the Skaza's school year 2016/17


On the last day of June, we celebrated the end of the Skaza school year 2016/17. 80 employees who successfully finished their education in various fields, received awards and diplomas. Some of the employees were successful with learning new skills and improving their knowledge of foreign languages. 10 employees completed an internal program called Skaza mentor, which encouraged the employees to exchange their knowledge with each other.
Tanja Skaza: Thank you for making changes
The celebration was opened by director Tanja Skaza, who told the employees she was proud of them for making decisions to change. "We can grow only if we dare to make changes about ourselves. Knowledge is one of the greatest values. The new knowledge is good for you personally, as well as for our company, so I would like to thank you for making changes and to be determined to continue investing in your development," she addressed the guests.

Skaza mentor with 10 excellent projects
The special place at the ceremony was attended by 10 employees, who joined the mentoring program - Skaza mentor or Share the knowledge with your colleagues. The mentors together with their students, assigned projects related to the work in Skaza. The company decided to announce only one winner. Despite the fact that there was only one winner, Skaza will continue to implement the remaining projects as well. Students and their mentors have prepared very useful projects that will improve the performance of the company in individual areas.