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The future lies in plastic roads from plastic litter


We develop various technologies to improve our lives in various fields. A lot of work was invested in the discovery of new, more resistant materials. Have you heard of the plastic road?

Nevertheless, the general opinion of plastics is negative, but we can't deny the fact that we use synthetic and semi-synthetic materials known as plastics all the time. Plastic roads already solve various problems in the US and India.

Plastic roads vs. asphalt roads
  • Long life. The strength of plastic roads makes them last 30-40 percent longer in comparison to modern asphalt roads. Their life expectancy is up to 60 years.
  • Resistance to high temperature. Plastic roads will not melt unless the temperature goes beyond 66C in some cases even 80C, compared to 50C for ordinary roads.
  • Faster construction. Plastic roads are built 2-3 times faster than asphalt roads.
  • Cheaper construction - up to 50% cheaper.
  • Environmentally friendly construction. Plastic roads contain a high percentage of plastic litter, which pollutes our environment.

The positive characteristics of plastic roads from waste plastic are persuasive advocates for the environmentalists and people who want progress or for those who live in areas with extreme weather conditions (deserts, wetlands).

Plastic roads around the world

There are about 34,000 km of plastic roads in India, where plastic litter presents a very great environmental problem. In March 2016 they have started testing a new method of plastic roads developed by Plastic Man of India, as they cal Professor Rajagopalan Vasudevo. Professor believes that costs of plastic road construction can be decreased by 50%. 

The Netherlands wants to pave its streets with plastic bottles as a greener alternative to asphalt. They are developing special technology, which they plan to introduce in 2018. Russia is also interested in that technology.

Plastic roads - smart plastic

Plastic roads are certainly a great opportunity for all those who are convinced that the future lies in smart plastic. The plastic, which does not pollute the environment, but connects nature with people through technology. We are proud that Skaza smart plastic is also involved in the construction of plastic roads already.