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We are the allies of Planet Earth


Our buyers are the responsible inhabitants of Earth. They want to live in a world where used materials are not discarded, but are instead re-circulated. Completing the circle of life.

We, modern, powerful and innovative companies have a responsibility to respond to the global needs and trends. These are becoming more and more associated with maintaining the planet, sustainable development, and low carbon footprint. More and more awareness among the inhabitants of the planet puts these values at the forefront and creates a completely new global value system, which will prevail.
Ethical and ecological sustainable consumption, and environmentally friendly living in general, are on the rise, and the solutions by Skaza have long been a response to it. We started on the path of sustainable development years ago when such challenges were hardly considered a priority in business, back when the most progressive were only beginning to recycle and digitalisation was still science fiction. Today, sustainable development at Skaza is more than mere social awareness and responsibility. The concept is characterised by a broad interpretation and a comprehensive approach, contributing to the company’s commercial performance. It is becoming perfectly integrated into every aspect of operation, including management, quality assurance, development and innovation, supply chain, logistics, recruitment, marketing, and public relations. At the same time, due to increasing demands and awareness of users, it has also become a powerful sales argument.

Social capital, which is being integrated into green brands via sustainable development, is reflected in the strong affection for the brand and loyalty, and finally in shopping decisions. Therefore green brands have a substantially higher chance of success on the market – as they are valued by customers.

There’s no turning back from sustainability. Nor should there be. We are the generation that has to accept responsibility, and finally assume the commitment and responsibility for the sustainable preservation of life here on Earth. That is why, we must create new channels, seek new solutions and find new ideas that will answer the endless challenges associated with this commitment, and trends imposed by enterprises as well as consumers. Bokashi Organko, Pick&Go, Viva, Contessa – they are only the beginning of our responses to and solutions of the challenges of sustainable development.

Those of us who have been paving the way since the period when our policies were loud questions are today miles ahead of the competition. At Skaza, we prefer to take the stance of sustainability – through our visions, our solutions constituting environmental added value. Namely, it is the only way of operating to the benefit of all participants, both in the business and personal spheres, with whom we share this wonderful planet.

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Mirela Kurt, Director of Strategic Sales