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With innovation to the new outdoor generation


In the fast tempo of modern life, quality leisure time is becoming increasingly important. Time spent away from offices and home is, in fact, getting shorter; however, people of today justifiably expect us to provide solutions to improve the quality of such moments. In nature, people look for balance in sports, in all forms of recreation and other outdoor activities, including culinary. For this reasons, from a purely economic perspective, this segment of human activity is growing very rapidly. For sports activities and other forms of living in nature, nature enthusiasts need accessories that make their co-habitation with nature easier. In the US alone, annual spending of outdoor life enthusiasts reaches almost $900 million.
Skaza is a companion for life in nature
Launch of product lines under the Skaza brand in 2011 is the result not only of entrepreneurial challenge and defying the economic crisis, but primarily of an in-depth knowledge of global trends and priorities of modern man. We constantly incorporate users’ thoughts, wishes, and expectations into Skaza brand products. These are focused on functionality, cost efficiency, size, durability, practicality, convenience, adjustability, flexibility. Scratch-resistance is also important, and is the ability to be washed in a dish washing machine. Factors in the decisions are also colours, design, style, and human-friendly and nature-friendly materials. Modern users expect a top-of-the-line experience for their life in nature, which combines all of the above elements. Usefulness, beauty, and sustainable relationship with nature. We dedicate exceptional attention to all elements in every step of the creative process.
We develop and select materials that can be re-used after processing. Because a sustainable future is encoded into our business DNA, our products are made from human-friendly and environment-friendly materials, recycled materials, or materials that can recycled after use. We leave nothing to coincidence or intuition. Everything is based on research, assessments, testing. We are therefore one of those rare global companies that design their product with man in nature – for nature. We operate with the knowledge that we are part of nature, and believe in responsibility and sustainable belief of every individual for the future of our planet.
So get rid of single-use plastics!
Environment-friendly materials are much more than a fashion, consumer trend. They are a developmental shift to maintain the quality of life on the planet. Citizens of Europe annually throw away 25 million tonnes of plastic waste. Less than 30% is recycled, only 5% of the value of plastic packaging remains in the economy. The rest is lost after a very short first use, which costs between 70 and 107 billion per year. By recycling all plastic waste in the world, we could save 3.5 billion barrels of oil per year. Recycling one million tonnes of plastic has the equivalent effect to removing one million vehicles from the road. The fundamental goal of European citizens is to have all plastic packaging suitable for recycling or re-use by 2030, and in a cost-efficient way.
We are creating a new category EcoBiB
EcoBiB is a new category of environment-friendly products from plastic materials on a biological basis created by Skaza. The EcoBiB label assures users that the product is made from materials that does not unnecessarily use non-sustainable natural resources. As much as 81% of such material is of plant origin. Renewable natural raw materials are produced in a strictly controlled manner that prevents long-term harmful effects on the environment. The carbon footprint of the material made from green resources is neutral, even negative according to some data. While plants are growing, they use more carbon dioxide with photosynthesis than as produced by their processing. Energy for processing is again produced by plants. Processing plants are fuelled by biogas generated during production of this environment-friendly material. At the moment, EcoBiB products are not yet biodegradable, but can be recycled in full. Products are durable and have a long lifecycle. Due to their quality, they last as long as the memories you make using them! Use them sustainably. When they’re no longer useful, do not throw them away in nature. Have them recycled!   


The route to global innovation Pick&Go
Necessary research
To be a trendsetter is the goal of every successful company. Only in this way can we fulfil our key promise to “exceed expectations” of our users. As outdoor connoisseurs, we developed a concept of a set of dishes for storing and transporting food and drinks outdoors. We conducted the necessary market research, collected all data we have on our customers in our company, and checked production and technological options for upgrading our existing lines of our quality plastic products. On this basis, we developed an idea for an innovative picnic and camping set, Pick&Go. Analyses of customers and the entire outdoor segments confirmed that our products are most often used by families with kids, who enjoy eating outdoors, at a picnic, at the seaside, in campsites, and elsewhere in nature. It is important for this target group that products used for food storage are durable and light, and, in addition to functionality and usefulness, we also wanted to ensure quality design to appeal to the population interested in trends and aesthetics.
Subsequently, the product concept was developed in implementation details. At this stage, we also used 3D printers. We tested prototypes and considered user experience.  After implementing all necessary changes and improvement, we reached the final concept – a perfected and completed product.  Pick&Go is a global innovation that has no comparable products. The set contains everything a family needs for a perfect picnic. Bowls with covers, cups, tray, plates, and the strainer are complemented by the cutlery, which is part of our innovation at Skaza. It is all tied together with a textile band, which can be easily tightened or loosened by pressing a button. Furthermore, we dedicated tremendous attention to the selection of materials, which are human-friendly and environment-friendly. The choice of bio-based polyethylene EcoBiB was therefore the most suitable for our product, as the only raw material for it is sugar cane.

With its innovative, assembling and compact form, it uses almost no space in a vehicle, trailer, or tent. However, at your picnic, it displays its full luxury and provides perfect comfort, functionality, carrying simplicity, colourfulness and diversity in its many combinations. It is complemented by all other Skaza brand products, and can be expanded as your family or company grows. With the functional cord, a picnic is always right at your hand. Always on your shoulder.
Finally, we only have one question: “Do you want to hang out?”

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