With our help, the city of Osijek, reduced the amount of mixed waste by as much as 1,200 tons. | Plastika Skaza d.o.o.

With our help, the city of Osijek, reduced the amount of mixed waste by as much as 1,200 tons.


In the past week, City of Vodice was the host of the 9th Meeting of mayors of Croatian municipalities and businessmen from Croatia. The purpose of the two day event (48 hours) was primarily an opportunity to discuss various topics for the development of local communities. This year, the development of local tourism, local self-government and waste management was at the forefront. 350 participants took part in the meeting, of which there were 110 representatives of municipalities and about 150 businessmen from different companies.

Skaza had the opportunity to present the successful story of Osijek, in which our company collaborated with the city of Osijek and the company Unikom.
In order to motivate the citizens in the shaping of the green city, the Municipality of Osijek gave 3,500 mini-compost Bokashi Organico for free to Osijek residents.

With its help, in only one year, the city had reduced the amount of bio-waste in a single household by as much as 25 percent. Thus, in the city of Osijek in 2016 compared to the year before, due to the use of Bokashi Organico, the quantity of bio-waste decreased by 1,200 tons.

A great example of the use of Bokashi Organico in Osijek has also demonstrated many benefits that our product brings not only to the city, but to its citizens as well:
 - reduction in the amount of biological waste,
- creating their own compost,
- savings that the household in the municipality of Osijek did in one year was about 178 € / household,
- creating green spaces.

The story of Osijek is a good story, which we want to continue to write in different cities across Europe.