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BOKASHI ORGANKO is a sophisticated and practical composter for organic waste disposal which eliminates inconveniences with collecting organic waste. Waste decay is the most frequent reason for unpleasant odour. The use of bran with beneficial micro-organisms ensures fermentation process and prevents decay in BOKASHI ORGANKO. As a result, fermented organic waste is an excellent basis for first-rate compost.


BOKASHI ORGANKO has an airtight container. As the inflow of air is smaller, so is the probability of rotting. There is no unpleasant odour even when opening the container, as we put bran with effective micro-organisms on the organic waste. They ensure that a fermentation process occurs instead of rotting.


Bokashi bran consists of bran meal, molasses and useful micro-organisms. Presence of natural micro-organisms in the Bokashi bran initiates the fermentation process and prevents decay. During process, fermentation liquid is produced, which can be used as an excellent fertilizer for plants and natural drain cleaner.

5 steps of use Bokashi Organko

Robi Špiler,

Vrt obilja

»The best thing is that I can store organic waste in one place, and that's already in the kitchen itself, and that it makes the process of storage and composting simpler.«

Tjaša Štruc,

Vrt obilja

»Bokashi Organko enables the storage and separation of organic waste as close as possible in the kitchen, while emphasizing the importance of the correct composting process.«

Romana Zupanek Strljič,

Nova Cerkev

»We use Bokashi Organko practically every day. It is especially useful in collecting the fermentation liquid, which I use for watering my garden and other plants in the house. With Bokashi Organko I make sure that our biological waste gets all the necessary microorganisms for fully processed compost.«

Useful tips
Here you will find the answers to the most common questions about kitchen composters  Bokashi Organko and Bokashi Organko 2.  If you have any additional questions, we are available at e-mail address .
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The regular disposal of carefully separated household waste from the apartment is a routine task, which may become a really unpleasant responsibility even at the slightest change, such as for example a lift failure for a day or two. Think of the smell of some of the dishes that you have forgotten to throw away ... Get yourself an airtight composter!
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Garden, terrace and balcony plants are guaranteed to grow healthy by fertilising them and providing them with nutrients. Market fertilisers are often expensive, and preparing homemade fertilisers is often too difficult because of the unpleasant odours. The solution can be found in the fermentation fluid which is created in the process of household waste composting.
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On good soil, plants yield better fruit. But what makes a good soil? It is one that has enough suitable nutrients for each type of plant. Among the most balanced sources of enriching the quality of gardening soil is compost. By digging in properly fermented waste, we can prepare it directly in the soil.
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What kind of compost do you use for your garden beds? You only know the real answer if you have prepared the compost yourself! Single-handedly, you have deposited the appropriate waste in the compost bin, combined the green and brown layers and perhaps reached a better and faster result with the help of the effective microorganisms.
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As the owners of various gardens and enthusiasts of different gardening approaches, we live in the same environment. Through the exchange of experience, seeds, saplings, crops, and with a common concern for organic waste from our gardens, we can simultaneously take care for a better condition of the environment on our street.
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