This was my favourite week-end ever! Me and the girls took a hike and had a picnic; we didn't always want to be sitting at one garden party after another, watching the day turn into night. Špela chose our destination; since she's the sporty one, she only had to choose a place that wouldn't make the rest of us kick the bucket. Slivnica above Cerkniško Lake turned out to be a great hill! Even the less-trained amongst us had no issue getting to the top; we soon felt like real alpinists, which made the only actually athletic person in the group nearly laugh herself sick, and she found a whole bunch of comments for the rest of us.
After having refreshed ourselves with a drink, we got into a car and drove to the Cerkniško Lake to have a picnic. The only thing I could think about was the food that Petra prepared. As we were walking to the car, she couldn't stop talking about the delicacies she took care of, and we could barely get to the meadow next to the lake fast enough. Oh, and our cook also brought a cool Viva set of dishes with lids and chic #Love2Life glasses with the words Blossom, Fly, Plant and Shine etched on the side. Oh, I shone, alright! The food was actually as delicious as she claimed it to be!
There was too much water in the lake so we couldn't see the intermittent basins; we did see, however, a special type of bird dreamily flying above the lake. The anecdotes Nataša had to tell of the time when they were camping here when she was a child were really something! The entire family, bird-watching, nature-gazing and, if memory serves, also observing dragonflies. Of course, her mom is a biologist. Anyhow, I'll bring my husband and kids the next time around. We don't have to go far to be able to see a truly unique image of nature.
Oh, did you know that Slivnica is reputed to be a witch hill? It's true! Valvasor supposedly already wrote about that. And that's how four witches managed to conquer Slivnica. But, actually, Slivnica conquered us!