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EXPERTS FOR EXPERTS As experts for plastic housings for various electronic products, we provide you with tools, the production of moulds for plastic materials, assembly, and logistics. We use the latest technology and can support you with all the necessary services throughout the entire process.


SATISFIED PARTNERS Excellent cooperation is no coincidence.


A partner was planning to enter the American market. Since its product did not meet US legal requirements and standards, the commencement of sales could not be realised. Due to market requirements, product specification, and short deadlines, we were confronted with a great challenge. We conducted a comprehensive analysis of the products, along with all the relevant tests, and managed to come up with a new concept for the partner in record time. After the confirmation, the doors of the US market were finally open! Due to the flexibility, exceptional responsiveness, and readiness to confront the new requirements, the partner entrusted us with new orders.


We specialise in the production of plastic housings for various products in the field of electronics, especially for the measuring and electrical industry. We provide tools, the production of moulds for plastic materials, assembly, and logistics.


During production, we use diverse technologies such as multi-component (2 and 3) injection moulding, gas injection using the GIT technology, over-moulding of inputs on metal and glass, ultrasonic welding, and other technologies. We continually monitor the development, search for and introduce new technologies to ensure successful project implementation.


We meet partners’ needs with a variety of services, superior support, responsiveness, and with adequately customised logistics. In development and other project stages, we include our own measuring laboratory in the work. We provide PPAP documentation to level 5, the approach for complete elimination of errors and other services, which the partner requires. For key customers, we provide professional KAM teams (Key Account Management), which propose the best solution for the partnership challenge.

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