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INNOVATIVE WITH YOU As a specialist in creating demanding plastic products for home and leisure, we include more and more recycled materials in our solutions, partnerships, and development projects. We are ready for your innovation and improvement challenges!


SATISFIED PARTNERS Excellent cooperation is no coincidence.


Kitchen furniture legs are not a simple product. However, furniture legs in our partners’ kitchens are now simpler! A product, which used to be made of 24 pieces, was optimised so that it now contains only six pieces made of three different materials – some are original and others are recycled materials. We plan that the product will soon be made entirely from recycled materials! The product has a 25-year warranty; therefore, it must be technically flawless and of superior quality.


We specialise in the production of various plastic products for home and leisure. Our offer includes chairs, a variety of household waste bins and containers, thin-walled products, and products from a combination of wood, metal, and plastic. All products are packed in their final packaging.


In production, we use diverse technologies such as multi-component (2 and 3) injection moulding, gas injection with GIT technology, over-moulding of inputs on metal and glass, ultrasonic welding, and other technologies. We continually monitor the development, search for and introduce new technologies to ensure successful project implementation.


We meet partners’ needs with a variety of services, superior support, responsiveness, and with adequately customised logistics. In development and in other project stages, we include our own measuring laboratory in the work. We provide PPAP documentation to level 5, the approach for complete elimination of errors and other services, which the partner requires. For key customers, we provide professional KAM teams (Key Account Management), which propose the best solution for the partnership challenge.

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