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    Customer Satisfaction is one of the main goals of Skaza. To be up to your expectations and wishes, we would appreciate your answers to our questionnaire about your experience with our company. Only by that we are able to understand which fields of cooperation would need to be improved.
    With only a few minutes of your time, you will support proactively our efforts to improve our products and processes in a customer-oriented manner.

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    Customer satisfaction
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    Inquiry stage | Project management | Preseries

    Accessibility, communication and response time

    Response time to inqury

    Entireness of recieved offer


    Best Competitor/Supplier for the same product

    Pricing according to open market

    Overall Impression of SKAZA Sales team

    Research, Development, Technology, Quality

    Accessibility, communication and response time

    Technical Knowledge and Competence in R&D team

    Technology proposals to received documentation

    Adaptation of Special Customer Demands

    Lead time of prototypes / samples

    On time delivery of PPAP

    Overall Impression of SKAZA R&D team

    Logistics | Disposition | Series deliveries
    Disposition, Logistics

    Accessibility, communication and response time

    On time delivery

    Entireness of documents and shipment

    Flexibility to agreed changes in quantities

    Notifications in advance to customer for any deviations

    Overall Impression of SKAZA logistics team


    Accessibility, communication and response time

    Quality System Understanding

    Product Quality

    Analysis and 8D Argumentation

    On time Handling of Complaints and Warranty Issues

    Overall Impression of SKAZA QM team

    Critique, suggestions, improvements