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Exquisite balcony luxury

Herbs, strawberries, tomatoes, lettuce – all of this can be grown on a smaller balcony. There probably won’t be so much produce that you could share it with other hobby gardeners, however, the scented fresh spices, first of the red fruits and young lettuce will always be at the tip of your fingers.
No matter how big our window shelf, or how small our balcony, we can always have some spices and herbs at hand. Most of these plants are not demanding and grow well in pots. It is true that they are harder to grow from seeds, but an adult plant will easily survive with minimal care. Many spices will grow more rapidly the more you pick them! Soft-stem herbs, such as for example basil, must be watered regularly, and from time to time (but not too often!), we should give them some diluted fertiliser. An occasional addition of fermentation fluid from the compost compost will suffice.
We can successfully cultivate strawberries and cherry tomatoes on the balcony in pots and containers of appropriate dimensions. Strawberries have shallow roots, so they can be planted in almost every container. If we choose to grow monthly strawberries or cultivated wild strawberries, they will delight us throughout the entire sunny season. With their red fruit, cherry tomatoes will make our balcony enchanting until late autumn. For them we choose a deeper container (at least 45cm). We also take care of the drainage at the bottom of the container and provide them with some fertiliser. Every 14 days, pour them some organic fertiliser. The one from the Bokashi Organko compost will be excellent. You can also deposit potential remains of balcony crops into the compost.
We can also grow various leaf vegetables on the balcony. With a little planning for the right size of containers and support, we can also successfully cultivate root vegetables, tuberous plants, legumes etc. in pots and basins. Advice: do not cut off the whole lettuce plant that is planted on the balcony! Enjoy its young outer leaves. The lettuce will grow over and provide you with a green addition to your diet for a longer time. Water it and fertilise it with organic fertilisers – the best are those that you make yourself. Caring for lettuce plants on the balcony will affect the proper disposal of your biological waste. Whatever remains from your home cooking will end up nourishing your own food. You will quickly see how happily you will fill your household compost compost with reliable and suitable biological waste. You will see them as a source of your own good vegetables!