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Wie funktioniert der Bokashi Organko?

In a sustainable household compost the disposed biological waste does not decay, therefore there is no unpleasant smell. In the compost, a family can collect rubbish for a month, which means there is less waste that needs to be taken out of the apartment. Effective fermentation takes place inside the compost by using the powder.
The Bokashi Organko household composter (so far known as Organico compost) solves a number of inconveniences that occur when collecting household organic waste. Waste is deposited in the airtight composter. Since the oxygen supply is limited, the probability of decay is also lower. There is also no unpleasant smell when opening the composter, because the waste inside is sprinkled with the powder containing effective microorganisms. These make sure that there is no rot and decay and instead trigger the fermentation process. The waste retains all important nutrients that would otherwise be spoiled by rotting. If we shut a full compost and leave it at room temperature for 14 days, we get an excellent fermented mixture that can be put on composter or buried into gardening soil, or for the disposal of the compact waste in the brown communal composter. Waste fermented this way is the basis for first-rate composter.
Bokashi powder is completely natural. It consists of bran, molasses and useful microorganisms (lactic acid bacteria, yeasts, photosynthetic organisms, actinomycetes and enzymatically active fungi). The first supply of the powder is offered along with the composter upon purchase; additional quantities are bought separately. Each composter has a built-in tap. We use it to drain the fermentation fluid in a simplest manner possible. The fluid is used to fertilise indoor, balcony and garden plants. The fluid is an excellent activator for the functioning of microorganisms inside domestic septic tanks and small treatment plants. It can be poured into the drain to ensure that it is cleaned in a completely natural way.
An average family fills a 16-litre composter in 1 month. In 1 month, it consumes about one kilogramme of natural powder for biological waste, which otherwise has an expiry date of 1 year. Additional purchasing of the powder does pay off due to the way the composter works: we do not require degradable bags for biological waste anymore. A completely natural fermentation fluid replaces the expensive market organic fertilisers.
We can dispose all leftovers of fruit and vegetables, cooked food, small bones, bread, coffee grounds, teabags, withered leaves and other remains of indoor and other plants etc. in the Bokashi Organko household composter. Cut larger pieces so that the fermentation is more effective. Do not add vinegar, juice, milk, oil, water, large bones, ash, animal faeces and paper into the composter.