Why choose us? | Plastika Skaza d.o.o.

Skaza operates in accordance with the principles of sustainable development. They connect people and nature with their clear vision, which is reflected in the development of innovative products. The company is driven by its values, which are the source of responsible fulfilment of given promises, high goals for meeting customers’ expectations, courage in finding inspiring solutions and sustainable attitude, which is proven by the company’s respect towards natural resources.

Why choose us?


We make a sustainable vision of the future look beautiful. To allow others to see this beauty, we refine our ideas to such an extent that they change people’s expectations. We achieve this by using renewable resources, nurturing respect for the environment and always paying attention to beauty.

This is what makes us different. This is what always gives you enough reasons to work with us!


In collaboration with large international corporations, we create innovations in the field of advanced, environmentally friendly plastic materials and technologies. We have 3 marked advantages that lead us to excellency:

  1. We know how to reach our objectives. We operate with a clear focus.
  2. We are courageous. We dare to be different.
  3. We have knowledge and love to share it!


Skaza is on the prestigious list of 1000 Companies to Inspire Europe! The list was published by the London Stock Exchange (LSE) and includes companies from all 28 EU members.

Tanja Skaza

Every true organisation is built by happy, bold, passionate and successful employees, while the foundation of every organisation are the right values, vision, mission and good interpersonal relationships.”

Dr. Robert Agnič

To live quality and integrate it into every cell of our company and thus exceed the expectations of our buyers.

Bart Stegeman

Production environment like SKAZA is like a 3D model – complex. Making this complexity visible is one of my main competences. I enjoy doing things differently and with this exceed expectations.

Mirela Kurt

Today, it is important where you work and what the mission of your company is.” To be able to sell a product, which creates a new material for a new life instead of biological waste, is a true reward.”

Polona Tratnik

To live quality and integrate it into every cell of our company and thus exceed the expectations of our buyers.

Andreja Fortag

Finance is more than just bookkeeping and paying bills. The purpose of finance is also to increase the value of money and recognise good, profitable projects.

Dr. Branka Viltužnik

I want to use my knowledge to develop new materials and technologies to improve our planet.

Evidence of success, reasons for partnership

We are a European company that operates in accordance with the highest EU standards of quality, safety, occupational health, and process management. The ISO 9001, ISO 14001, IWAY GO/NO GO demands permeate the everyday processes in our company.


We are located in Slovenia, which lies in the heart of Europe. We have a strategically favourable location, which allows for very efficient logistics. Accessibility and timeliness are often the key to success.


For 40 years, we have been creating and maintaining close partnerships with leading European and international manufacturers in the field of furniture, electrics, and automotive industry and household equipment. The products and components manufactured by Skaza can be found in more than 5 million households all over the world!


Our belief in our innovations, knowledge, and experiences led us to develop, design, manufacture, and market products under our own brands. They are mostly intended to be used for leisure outdoor activities and for environmentally friendly collection, processing, and use of organic waste (Bokashi Organico). In only 5 years, our products were chosen by more than 1.3 million customers on different international markets!


The best proof of our quality is the fact that we have not lost even one business (B2B) customer in our 40 years of operation! Our approach is to completely focus on our customers. With quality and efficiency we retained our first business customer and all the others that came after.

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