Jul 24, 2020 by Plastika Skaza

What makes Bokashi bran so magical?

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Bokashi bran, a biogen, is a »magic« ingredient in the fermentation process. When you add it to the biological waste inside Bokashi Organko, it starts working fast. In a short time, this magical bran triggers the fermentation process and helps create a natural fertilizer, Bokashi liquid, which is a superfood for your plants.

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Bokashi bran is a mixture of effective microorganisms, water, sugar and wheat bran. Each of these ingredients has an important role in the entire fermentation process.

What makes Bokashi bran so magical

Effective microorganisms

Effective microorganisms are made up of lactic acid bacteria, yeasts, photosynthetic organisms, etc. In a perfect environment, these microorganisms thrive and multiply. In our fermentation process, they just simply wait for the perfect conditions to be able to show some quality results.


Effective microorganisms, same as you and me, need water to thrive. It is important that the humidity is just right, so microbiologists estimate that it should be at least 60%.


Sugar is, in addition to water, the most important food for microorganisms. Any simple form of carbohydrate can work – molasses, syrup, sugar, etc.

Wheat bran

And finally - wheat bran! This is the medium where effective microorganisms live. Simply said – it is a home for the bacteria that are needed in the fermentation process.


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