Plastic manufacturing specialist &
Creator of sustainable home & garden products

Plastic Manufacturer

Fulfilling your stringent requirements for electronic, furniture, medical, and custom-made plastic industrial products.

Quality, design, support, and production at the highest level.

A reliable business partner in the plastic industry you've always needed. 

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Wholesale & Private Label

Add the new Bokashi composting category and private label tableware into your sales portfolio.

Selling our sustainable products will help you grow a business.

You will get our full sales & marketing support to enter the market.

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Skaza Sustainable Products

Sustainable plastic products for home & garden.

Inspiring people to treat our planet in a responsible way with Bokashi Organko and sustainable plastic tableware.

More than 85 % of our products are made from sustainable materials.

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Automated production line
Multi injection technology
Development of sustainable materials
Innovative plastic products for every household

From idea to the finish line

Whether you are looking for a plastic manufacturer for your new product or a reliable provider of sustainable products for your business to grow, we offer you complete support from idea to the finish line.

If you need a partner you can trust, you are in the right place. Because we understand customers. Because we are partners for business and life. 

Comprehensive service

Certificates & Awards








Machine park
in m2

The company values are the values of the individual

Through design and excellent  EXPERIENCE, we inspire.






The sustainable
vision of the world
leads us to manage

Promises to all
parties involved
are kept with full

We confront the
biggest challenges
and find inspiring

Our customer's
dreams become a
reality because
we always set
high GOALS.