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The Skaza company is proven to be the right partner for solutions created for the next generation of plastic materials. We are focused on the research and development of new materials. We master environmentally friendly options and are committed to renewable sources. We introduce materials on a bio-base and from recycled plastics and using Industry 4.0. technology.

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Znanje in proces

The right solution for a partner is created within a comprehensively defined process, which constantly ensures professionalism, transparency and cost-effectiveness: from the idea and prototype through the calculation of prices and the establishment of relevant cooperation to project realisation.

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Znanje in tehnologija

We master the latest technology and have excellent technological equipment available. We process various materials, including materials with different additives, recycled, bio and biodegradable materials. We develop lines for the assembly of several products into a functional whole.

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Znanje in kavaliteta

Quality comes first for us. We are committed to achieving the highest standards in all areas of our operations. We operate according to the principles of lean production (LEAN organisation) and systematically improve all processes, services, and products. We meet and surpass the expectations of customers worldwide!

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When we are looking for inspiration for social events, fun moments or outdoor pleasures, we choose cups that are bigger and more durable, dishes that are made of non-toxic bio-based materials, and kitchen utensils that come in countless colours, with which we can create our very own rainbow.
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We promote responsible management of each individual's own waste. We use all that we bring home - if not for ourselves, then for the Earth! Instead of waste, we create resources for new life cycles.
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The season of giving is the most magical time of the year. Nothing beats that glimmer in the eyes of our loved ones when they open a present, and the overwhelming feeling of happiness we get from the fact that we have chosen such a perfect gift for them. But, before these moments of joy, many people find it difficult to choose the right gift.
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We would like to inform you that all orders that will be submitted via online shop from Monday, October 28th, to Sunday, October 3rd will be processed on Monday, October  4th. Thank you for your understanding. 
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Research shows—and market developments and trends confirm it—that people are becoming more and more ecologically aware. Many forms of responsible and sustainable lifestyle are becoming very popular among people and changing into permanent habits. People want to be part of ecological solutions and thus help the environment and ourselves.
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