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Sustainable communities - Skaza & Endava

Sustainable Communities

See how several communities and companies use our products to effectively tackle their organic waste management.


Organic waste reduction by 25%
We've changed how communities handle organic waste. Because of bokashi fermentation in our composters, the volume of organic waste is reduced by 25%.
Lower costs of organic waste & transport

As organic waste handling costs rise due to incorrect sorting, Organko composters offer a responsible collection method.

Better organic waste processing & compost

Organko composters efficiently ferment food scraps, transforming them into a nutrient-rich compost base that is ready to be decomposed. 

Increased soil fertility using fermented mass
Organko's fermented mass enriches the soil, fostering healthier crops with its nutrient-rich organic matter and helpful microorganisms.
We Cover It All.

Innovation and sustainability in every phase of collaborating with us

  • Development supplier | Concept & Design Development

    1 - Concept & Design Development

    We offer guidance and optimization on sustainable product design, component functionality, and selecting recycled or bio-based materials. Our focus on sustainability ensures that products are both functional and environmentally responsible.
  • Development supplier | Engineering

    2 - Engineering

    Our commitment is to plan and execute optimized and cost-efficient plastic injection molding processes. We conduct feasibility studies and ensure the most effective TCO outcomes for our partners.
  • Development supplier | Tooling

    3 - Tooling

    We collaborate with trusted, long-term partners to ensure a rapid and efficient tooling process while maintaining the right storage and maintenance of the tools.
  • Development Supplier | Mass Production & Manufacturing

    4 - Mass Production & Manufacturing

    With a machine park featuring over 55 injection molding machines, ranging from 50 to 1,000 tons of clamping force, we can handle all product sizes. Our 15,400 m2 manufacturing area is primed for large-scale production, capable of delivering millions of units annually.
  • Development supplier | Tooling

    5 - Continuous Improvements

    We embrace digitalization to optimize processes, streamline workspaces, and reduce material waste. This ensures ongoing efficiency even after the project transitions to the production phase.
  • Development Supplier | Highest Quality-Controlled Process

    6 - Highest Quality-Controlled Process

    Our strict process control methodologies are designed to reduce material waste and minimize energy consumption, enhancing sustainability and reducing costs.
  • Development Supplier | Logistics

    7- Logistics

    Our approach focuses on an efficient process by minimizing transportation routes, reducing wait times, introducing green technologies, and utilizing sustainable packaging methods in the production process.
  • Development Supplier | Sales & Marketing

    8 - Sales & Marketing

    Our in-house capabilities in sales and marketing manage the bulk distribution, wholesale, and private label of our own-brand products, specifically designed from recycled plastics and made for responsible organic waste handling.
Bokashi Organko fermented mass can be used as a quality compost base

Community: Sustainable City, Dubai (UAE)

How did organic waste turn into a new resource for food growth?

In Dubai, nine restaurants are actively engaged in a composting initiative utilizing our largest composter, the Bokashi Organko XL. The primary focus is collecting uncooked kitchen scraps for composting using the bokashi method. Each restaurant is equipped with ten Bokashi Organko XL composters, strategically placed in designated garbage rooms, contributing to efficient kitchen waste management. The project utilizes a dedicated parcel of land for burying fermented bokashi mass, aiming to transform organic waste into compost for distribution among residents and herb-related businesses. Initial success with restaurants may lead to an expansion into villas, reflecting a commitment to eco-friendliness and responsibility.

Using Organko XL bokashi composters they have achieved the following:

  • Repurposed 1367 kg of food scraps from June to August 2023.
  • Increased the compost volume, reaching over 2000 kg in September 2023.
  • Contributed to a sustainable waste management system, converting kitchen scraps into valuable compost for citywide distribution.
  • Engaged enthusiastic restaurant owners committed to eco-friendly and responsible waste disposal practices.

Municipality: Saint-Omer (France)

How did the French municipality co-finance Organko composters?

Saint-Omer, France, is leading the charge in responsible organic waste management. By co-financing the purchase of Bokashi Organko composters, the municipality has enabled its residents to embrace a more sustainable approach. With up to 75% of the purchase costs refunded, these composters are now accessible to the community. The process is simple and effective: Citizens who buy Bokashi Organko kitchen composters from selected stores can claim their refund from the city. On specified Saturdays, they drop off their fermented waste, which is then used to fertilize public green spaces. This initiative has sparked a tightly-knit community, breathing new life into every piece of discarded food and championing a sustainable, circular solution to organic waste.

With Organko Kitchen bokashi composters they have achieved the following:

  • Closed the loop for organic waste
  • Ensured proper separation of organic waste at households
  • Reused organic waste within the community
  • Provided people with access to newly acquired resources
One-hand emptying of Organko Daily in the Bokashi Organko 2 composter - image - low res 1986000

Waste-collection company: Snaga, Maribor (Slovenia)

How did the municipal company reduce costs and food waste?

Maribor, Slovenia, took an innovative step to combat several organic waste challenges by partnering with Skaza and Snaga Maribor. Their shared goal was to tackle issues like plastic bags in organic waste containers, improper waste separation in households, and poor compost quality. By distributing over 400 Bokashi Organko composters to its citizens, the community took a giant leap toward resolving these issues.

With Organko Garden bokashi composters, in a two-month pilot project, they have achieved the following:

  • Ensured proper separation of organic waste in households
  • Reduced waste collection costs by 25% due to the volume reduction resulting from Bokashi composting
  • Lowered waste sorting costs at their facilities (no plastic bags, better quality)
  • Produced more nutritious compost

Company: Endava, Ljubljana & Maribor (Slovenia)

How can you reduce organic waste at your workplace?

In the corporate world, we believe sustainability starts at the workplace. In our quest for more sustainable business practices, we've teamed up with Endava, a company pioneering responsible organic waste management in their offices. In a world where food waste often ends up in landfills, Endava sets an example by encouraging employees to correctly collect their organic waste.

Endava introduced Organko Daily organic waste bins and Organko Garden bokashi composters, due to high volume of organic waste in their office kitchens.

They motivated employees to turn food waste into a valuable base for compost and fermenting liquid, which serves as organic fertilizer for gardens, plants, and drainage systems.

This collaborative effort empowers employees to engage in composting, gaining high-quality compost for personal gardening projects, while contributing to a healthier planet.