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Plastika Skaza | Industry Solutions | Furniture industry

Plastic manufacturing for the furniture industry

By integrating recycled materials, automation, and optimization, we redefine standards for plastic furniture manufacturing.


Implementing innovation and recycled plastics into furniture

Automated production lines
Our automated production lines help manufacture with precision, efficiency, and quality. Benefit from increased output rates, minimized variations for superior product quality, long-term savings, and 24/7 operations. The flexibility and scalability ensure adaptability to changing production needs, maintaining competitiveness and sustainability in the industry.
Cost-effective optimization
We understand the complexity of the industry, and our solution is tailored to grow efficiency while ensuring significant cost savings for our partners. Our service is designed to optimize every production stage, providing a comprehensive solution that not only improves the process but also positions your business higher among the competitors.
> 50% of products made from recycled plastics
Start sustainable practices with our commitment to environmental responsibility. Over half of our furniture is made from recycled plastics, reflecting our dedication to reducing environmental impact. Join us in incorporating recycled materials into your new or existing products and contribute to preserving natural resources and reducing plastic waste.
Innovation and sustainability
As our partners, you gain access to solutions that redefine industry standards, ensuring your alignment with the trends. Combining innovation and sustainability means your choices contribute to a greener future, building your brand's image. Choose us as your strategic partner dedicated to growing your business through innovative and sustainable practices.



Our innovative lineup for the furniture industry encompasses a range of essentials, from stylish seat shells and durable kitchen legs to components for office chairs. The pullouts for waste bins are found in households worldwide, and our home accessories help with the home organization.
Dining seat shell
FurnitureDining seat shell

Material: PC
Technology: 1K injection molding
Additional specs: virgin clear PC material or recycled material made from PET plastics bottles

Seat shell - Furniture industry
FurnitureSeat shell

Material: PPGF20
Technology: 1K injection molding, overmolding
Additional specs: recycled material with overmolding of aluminum inserts for assembly

Seat back
FurnitureSeat back

Material: PP
Technology: 1K injection molding
Additional specs: high aesthetic part

Automation & Optimization - kitchen legs
FurnitureKitchen legs

Material: ♻️rPP, ♻️rPA6, ♻️rPS
Technology: 1K injection molding, automation for packaging

Pull out frame
FurniturePullouts for waste bins

Material: PP
Technology: 1K injection molding
Additional specs: minimum 20% recycled plastics, Skaza redesign to optimize user experience and cost. Reduction assembly time from its predecessor from 5 to 1 min.

Plastic bag dispenser
FurniturePlastic bag dispenser

Material: PP
Technology: 1K injection molding

Kitchen roll holder
FurnitureKitchen roll holder

Material: ♻️rPP
Technology: 1K injection molding, assembly
Additional specs: automatic labeling system and packaging with a collaborative robot

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