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Automation & Optimization

Automation & Optimization

Implement automated production lines for cost reduction and faster manufacturing, ensuring efficient industrial operations.
Increased productivity
Automated production can operate 24/7, providing seamless production, which significantly boosts the overall output of our services.
Our automated systems are easily adaptable to varying production demands, enabling our partners to grow seamlessly.
Automated processes ensure consistent product quality and specifications which is crucial in meeting our customers' expectations.
Cost efficiency
Our optimized processes reduce material wastage, energy consumption, and production time, resulting in lower operational costs.
We Cover It All.

Innovation and sustainability in every phase of collaborating with us

  • Development supplier | Concept & Design Development

    1 - Concept & Design Development

    We offer guidance and optimization on sustainable product design, component functionality, and selecting recycled or bio-based materials. Our focus on sustainability ensures that products are both functional and environmentally responsible.
  • Development supplier | Engineering

    2 - Engineering

    Our commitment is to plan and execute optimized and cost-efficient plastic injection molding processes. We conduct feasibility studies and ensure the most effective TCO outcomes for our partners.
  • Development supplier | Tooling

    3 - Tooling

    We collaborate with trusted, long-term partners to ensure a rapid and efficient tooling process while maintaining the right storage and maintenance of the tools.
  • Development Supplier | Mass Production & Manufacturing

    4 - Mass Production & Manufacturing

    With a machine park featuring over 55 injection molding machines, ranging from 50 to 1,000 tons of clamping force, we can handle all product sizes. Our 15,400 m2 manufacturing area is primed for large-scale production, capable of delivering millions of units annually.
  • Development supplier | Tooling

    5 - Continuous Improvements

    We embrace digitalization to optimize processes, streamline workspaces, and reduce material waste. This ensures ongoing efficiency even after the project transitions to the production phase.
  • Development Supplier | Highest Quality-Controlled Process

    6 - Highest Quality-Controlled Process

    Our strict process control methodologies are designed to reduce material waste and minimize energy consumption, enhancing sustainability and reducing costs.
  • Development Supplier | Logistics

    7- Logistics

    Our approach focuses on an efficient process by minimizing transportation routes, reducing wait times, introducing green technologies, and utilizing sustainable packaging methods in the production process.
  • Development Supplier | Sales & Marketing

    8 - Sales & Marketing

    Our in-house capabilities in sales and marketing manage the bulk distribution, wholesale, and private label of our own-brand products, specifically designed from recycled plastics and made for responsible organic waste handling.
Automated production line - Automation & Optimization


Our approach to automated production & optimization

Assessment and Analysis
Together with our partners, we conduct a comprehensive assessment, collecting data, mapping processes, and defining project objectives.
Design and Planning
We develop a tailored solution, including designing the production line, technology selection, and detailed project planning, all aligned with our customers' specific needs.
Implementation & Integration
We set up the automated production line in the manufacturing process. Strict testing and troubleshooting ensure a smooth transition to automation.
Continuous Improvements
Once operational, we shift our focus to fine-tuning the system for peak efficiency, quality, and cost-effectiveness based on data analysis and customer feedback.


At the core of our services is automation. Our automated production lines and self-initiative automation efforts have given life to cutting-edge products, reflecting our dedication to precision and efficiency.
Gas meter - G470 cover
ElectroGas meter

Material: PC-ABS, PC transparent, TPE
Technology: 3k injection molding, inkjet printing, automation assembly, control

Automation & Optimization - kitchen legs
FurnitureKitchen legs

Material: ♻️rPP, ♻️rPA6, ♻️rPS
Technology: 1K injection molding, automation for packaging
Additional specs: made completely from high-content recycled materials; performance tests are regularly done every week

Automation & Optimization - tissue stand
FurnitureKitchen roll holder

Material: ♻️rPP
Technology: 1K injection molding, assembly
Additional specs: automatic labeling system and packaging with a collaborative robot


Tailored Industry Solutions

We offer precision-engineered industry solutions tailored to diverse sectors. With a focus on the electro, furniture, e-mobility, garden, and various other industries, our commitment to sustainability, innovation, and precision shines through.
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