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Jobs & careers at Skaza

Power your career and personal growth. That's the strength of working at Skaza, where every employee is an important part of the company, the same as a single piece of plastic granule is crucial for a great product.


Celebrating outstanding colleagues and leaders

At Skaza, we cultivate a culture of recognition, where praises are not only encouraged but proudly vocalized. Each year, our colleagues nominate and applaud their peers and leaders who have exceeded expectations. These praises culminate in a festive New Year's celebration where the recipients of the titles "Coworkers of the year" and "Leader of the Year" are revealed.

These remarkable individuals are the go-to experts, ever-willing to lend a helping hand and embody our company's values. Their expertise and dedication make them integral to our success, and their achievements are celebrated as a testament to our shared commitment to excellence.

We keep striving for excellence!

We're happy to share that in 2023, Skaza has won the prestigious award as top investor in employee education.
We also proudly hold a certificate of being a family-friendly company.


You can always send us your CV.

We're happy to share that in 2023, Skaza has won the prestigious award as top investor in employee education.
We also proudly hold a certificate of being a family-friendly company.

You can always send us a CV and choose your desired working area. We will get back to you if we see there is a match between you and our company.

Thinking global, acting local
Embracing a global mindset while anchoring our actions locally, we are a forward-thinking and sustainable company with a significant presence in worldwide markets.  Through global interactions, our employees encounter many challenges and opportunities that come with international success. Join us in navigating this global landscape, where each day brings new possibilities and a chance to contribute to our company's thriving international presence.
Growth and agility. Anytime.
In our long journey, innovation remains at the core of our passion. We actively track industry trends and foster the integration of innovative and sustainable practices. As we grow, our commitment to recognizing and nurturing the potential of our employees and new talents remains of the utmost importance. Through ongoing initiatives, we equip our workforce with evolving competencies, positioning each member to become a dedicated sustainability champion.
Constant opportunities for personal and career growth
In our workplace, you'll discover an environment tailored to your professional and expertise growth. We invest in our team's development, having earned recognition as the Top Investor in Education in 2023. Whether through funding training programs, promoting career advancement, or fostering knowledge transfer among professionals, we'll actively support your journey toward becoming an industry expert.
Skaza receives the certificate Top investor in education
Results, based on our engaged employees
At the core of our success is a commitment to nurturing engaged employees who drive our results. Recognizing their pivotal role in our growth, we prioritize employee satisfaction. Through internal awards, we celebrate their competencies, fostering a culture of continuous improvement. Join us in a workplace where engaged employees are catalysts for our shared achievements.
The balance between a professional and private life
We take pride in being a family-friendly company. As a testament to our dedication, we hold a family-friendly certificate, reinforcing our commitment to fostering a supportive and balanced environment. We respect individual home obligations and value employees' privacy. Our initiatives extend to many programs in collaboration with the Skaza Sports and Cultural Association, providing opportunities for activities ranging from wellness to skiing. 
Advanced hiring and onboarding system
"Right people for the right positions at the right time." Upon receiving and assessing your job application, we will invite you for an interview to make sure we are truly compatible. In the next step, you will be guided through our onboarding system, which includes getting to know the entire company, an introduction to production and several interviews during the probationary period.


Engaged and motivated employees create a sustainable company

Skaza is a sustainable company where every element counts. By believing in the importance of each individual, we encourage teamwork and the growth of personal potential. Come and join us as a vital granule that makes a change in the world of plastic. Become part of a fast-growing, high-tech international company, young both in terms of ambition and the age of employees.

Together, we are growing and learning, building on our iconic experiences to make an impact.

250+ Satisfied employees
11 Successful departments
37 Average age of employees

Meet our management team 💚

As a family-owned company with 250+ employees, we take pride in our rich tradition, combining manufacturing with a commitment to the future. For us, sustainability is not just a word - it's a guiding principle that shapes our constant development.

REthink plastics. Respect LIFE.

skaza igor2
Igor Skaza
General Manager

I'm continuing my parents' legacy by steering our family company towards a sustainable future.

Tanja Skaza joins the company
Tanja Skaza

I am coaching teams towards exceeding company goals and living their best potentials.

Niko Medved
Deputy General Manager

I am making sure that our company grows in terms of revenue and profitability.

Andreja Fortag -2
Andreja Fortag
Financial Director

My team is making sure that we are a financially stable business partner and employer.

Luka Fideršek
Head of Sales

My team ensures sales results, and takes care of stable and continuous growth through strategic partnerships.

Urban Feguš
Head of Development

My team makes sure that new product development meets the best price, performance, and sustainability requirements.

Jelena Rašula
Jelena Rašula
Head of Marketing

My team is opening new sales opportunities and increasing the power of the Skaza brand.

Aleksandra Logar
Head of Human Resources

My team connects committed and motivated employees with the right workplaces.

ojstersek jure1
Jure Ojsteršek
Head of Production

My team's goal is production efficiency and automated production with minimal waste.

Tina Grošelj
Tina Grošelj
Head of PR

I am actively contributing to raising the reputation and visibility of Skaza.

Gregor Bujan
Head of Supply Chain

My team provides the best supply inside and outside our company, to increase added value per employee.

Benjamin Hostnikar
Benjamin Hostnikar
Head of Quality

Our team is focused on quality assurance, which brings quality products, helps reduce costs, and nurtures strategic partnerships.

kretic bostjan1
Boštjan Kretič
Head of Warehouse

My team ensures timely and high-quality shipping to increase the company's reputation and customer satisfaction.

Blaž Ojsteršek
Blaž Ojsteršek
Head of Product Optimization, Packing and Automatization

My team takes care of the technological development, which brings added value to our company.

dominkovic matej1
Matej Dominković
Head of Investment & Maintenance

My maintenance team ensures the serviceability of equipment, needed for uninterrupted production.