Management system policy

Quality, environmental management, and the safety and health of employees are an integral part of the management of Skaza.

We are committed to achieving the highest quality standards in everything we do, including creating content, processes, services, and products. The result is simple: with passion, dedication, and knowledge, we bring ideas to levels that change people’s expectations. Our goals are aimed at realizing the dreams of our customers and consequently increasing the satisfaction of them, as well as our owners, employees, and the environment in which we operate.

We operate according to the principles of sustainable development. We focus innovation on solutions that are friendly to people, to the community, and, of course, to nature. We associate our successes with socially responsible projects. We want to ensure continuous development, contribute to reducing energy consumption, improving the living environment, reducing the burden on nature, and take care of safety at work, and thus maintain the health of employees. We are also aware of our social responsibility, so we act by applicable laws, the principles of human rights and employment, and we fulfill our promises to all involved.

The management system was based on the requirements of international quality standards according to ISO 9001: 2015, environmental management according to ISO 14001: 2015, and health and safety at work according to ISO 45001.

At work, we are guided by values that exceed expectations: responsibility, courage, progress, sustainability, and relationships.

Our commitment to quality, the environment, and employees:

  • Product quality and safety come first, so we provide products and services that meet or exceed our customers' expectations.
  • We work closely with suppliers to streamline operations and reduce irregularities.
  • We strive for sustainability and ensure the health and well-being of our employees.
  • We monitor the functioning of quality, take measures to improve and adapt to changing market needs.
  • We work as a team and encourage continuous improvement. We train individuals to work in groups, to actively strive and contribute to continuous improvement.
  • We encourage innovation as we want to ensure that best practices are disseminated throughout the company.
  • We focus our development on designing smart solutions from the greenest alternative materials.
  • We constantly focus on improving the efficiency and traceability of processes.
  • We build growth through close partnerships with our customers.
  • We strive for: no mistakes, no delays, no inconsistencies, and satisfied employees.