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Plastic Manufacturing For tomorrow: products & services

Our Services

Plastic manufacturing on expert level: developing innovative services since 1977.

Solutions, tailored to your needs

In cooperation with us, you can ensure high-quality and long-lasting solutions and lower total costs of product development (total cost of ownership), as we carry out the entire product development for you, optimize production costs, and propose alternative sustainable materials.

Lower total cost of ownership (TCO)
Partnering with us leads you to cost savings - we continuously suggest improvements and help you effectively manage your development costs.
45+ years of expertise and innovation

Skaza represents stability to partners, as we are a reliable company, successfully operating since 1977. 

Experience faster time to market
With our experiences and resources, your products can reach the market faster, giving you a competitive advantage.
Certified high-quality Assurance
Operating by a range of quality certifications, including ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001, we beat industry standards. 


Partner with a company committed to sustainability ♻️

Collaborating with a company that embodies sustainability in its very DNA is a transformative experience. Our commitment to environmental responsibility goes far beyond buzzwords and green initiatives. Sustainability is an integral part of our identity, driving every aspect of our business.

  • Innovative eco-friendly solutions: Our expertise in sustainable materials, processes, and design ensures that your projects are environmentally responsible and cost-effective.
  • Reduced environmental footprint: We minimize our environmental impact. This helps the planet and improves the overall efficiency of your projects.
  • A shared vision: Together, we can create products and solutions that contribute to a greener world. 
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