Nov 25, 2020 by Polona Tratnik

[COLUMN] How can we use the time of COVID-19 to come up with new ideas

Technology and services

We can exploit the current situation of the Covid-19 pandemic as a unique opportunity to plan an excellent future, reshape our business, and motivate humanity to invest their time and energy to a better world. History has taught us that “real leaders are forged in crisis,” and that the best innovations thrive in difficult times. Likewise, this time is a great time for the next generation of modern companies to breakthrough.

The crisis has always been and will be an initiator for changes, it shifts markets and accelerates innovations. Over the years, we at Skaza have proven that we know how to adapt quickly to any changes. We bravely face challenges and continue towards high goals, while following our mission, caring for a better and more beautiful future. However, the task is even more difficult at this time, as we must not only identify risks on time and react correctly but also perceive opportunities that are emerging in the market and seize them.
The company is currently in the implementation phase of the EFQM model. This is our path to EXCELLENCE and our SUSTAINABLE achievement of SUCCESS. The model enables us to achieve excellent results and successes on our path of transformation with measurement methods. We recognize our opportunities for improvement and with the help of the EFQM model we look for possible solutions to improve the company's performance.
The knowledge and principles of the model have already helped us to adapt more easily to the current situation due to the pandemic.
Let me list a few key parts that will have a big impact on business transformation in the future:

AI - Artificial Intelligence

Adopt cloud technologies for aggregation, intelligent transformation, and transparent presentation of product and process data from production lines directly into supply chains. This will allow us to optimize production and product quality and reduce total production waste. A tremendous digital revolution is waiting for us.

Sustainable Development

In the future, carbon footprints will be considered socially unacceptable, much like drinking and driving today. Individuals, businesses, and countries will look for the fastest and most affordable ways to achieve the lowest possible carbon footprint. Here, too, the digitalization of business processes will help us, and we at Skaza have already successfully tackled it, as we reduce emissions in all areas of business through various measures.
We also take care of consumers by using sustainable materials and researches in the field of fermentation of organic waste. Even before the pandemic, we perceived an opportunity in the healthcare sphere and expanded our portfolio (furniture, electrical industry, and our brand) with a new pillar of the industry, focused on the development and production of plastic industrial products for the medical industry that will be even more important in the future. The current situation in the world clearly shows that we "depend" on healthcare and technology, and the thought that we will also make an important contribution in the medical field motivates us that our excellence is at the highest level.

Smart production

Smart production strategies are made possible by higher quality data, more accessible technology, and employee creativity. These changes are leading us to growth and higher productivity, while at the same time we reduce waste and improve sustainability. By using smart production methods, the company becomes more flexible and ready for the future.

People and their potentials

Every company is all about humans, regardless of the fact that production is enabled by machines, robots and computers. That is why the creativity and imagination of employees are so important for constant innovations. Some jobs will disappear due to technological developments, as employees will do what they do best by using smart production processes. For innovations, they will use imagination, creativity, analysis, communication and, above all, work in a team.
At Skaza, we have various approaches to strengthen the potential of our employees: we develop competent staff for the future – talent management, we develop organizational culture and leadership, and we take care of empowered, committed employees.
No matter where we are on the path of business excellence, it leads us to achieve greater added value in all areas of business.

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