Oct 21, 2022 by Plastika Skaza

Agriton and Bokashi Organko are creating new success stories


Skaza's long-term partner Agriton from the Netherlands gave us a two-day visit. Through business association, we deepened our relationship and outlined new sustainable solutions, with the aim of further joint growth in the future.

We have been creating effective business cooperation with Agriton since 2011. Skaza sells them products from their own brand Bokashi Organko, while Agriton provides us the bran. The company is a specialist in the field of microbiology with its own laboratory and a long-term strategic partner of the Japanese organization EMRO for Europe.

We spent our time effectively creating new sustainable stories. We outlined a joint performance of companies in the Netherlands and Great Britain in encouraging urban communities to use the bokashi method and Skaza's composters, with the aim of efficiently managing organic waste, which brings many advantages:

  • Removal costs are reduced for urban communities. Because our solution enables them to introduce three-week waste collection instead of two weeks, due to a reduced volume of organic waste by 25-60 percent.
  • Urban communities save money for the removal of organic waste, which is responsible and sensible at a time when energy prices are rising.
  • Since our solutions are sustainable, municipalities will be able to co-finance the purchase of Bokashi composters from the savings created. Which will affect the reduction of the volume of organic household waste.

We also see the progress that we will achieve with Agriton in the expansion of sales of our own brand Bokashi Organko in cooperation with subsidiary companies of Agriton that operate in several countries in Europe.

EM Agriton is also active in the field of composting garden and agricultural organic waste on a wider scale, which can be an opportunity for the Slovenian market. It is about sustainable handling of this type of waste on a larger scale, which creates a high-quality basis for the production of organic compost, which farmers can use to grow high-quality vegetables.

The Own Brabd Skazas sales team would like to thank P5 production, where we saw the production of Bokashi Organko with our business partners. Our business partners were pleasantly surprised by our colleagues, who use laser printing to create personalized Eko care glasses, with the immediate production of a glass with a name for each Agriton representative.

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