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At our company, every victory counts!


We encourage creativity and passion for continuous development, as improvements and progress are key to fulfilling our mission in more than 56 markets. We value winning projects through the "Every Victory Counts" competition. The year 2023 was exceptional, as the committee selected nine winning projects that increase our added value, improve sales, introduce innovations, increase engagement levels, enhance the reputation of our brand, or introduce new products.

A significant victory was achieved by the team responsible for the introduction of the first machine vision system based on artificial intelligence, enabling us to track the entire history of errors, contributing to greater transparency and traceability in the production process.



Behind every innovation stand experts committed to development and progress. This applies also to the team that introduced a collaborative robot in production, operating in perfect synergy with employees, improving working conditions, particularly by reducing repetitive tasks. With this victory, they successfully eliminated the need for manual handling of more than 3000 pieces per shift.

We believe in the power of a passionate team dedicated to development and progress. Therefore, we are proud of the winning team that introduced an improvement in the process of inserting plugs with automation, enabling a reduction in the cycle and simplification of operators' work. They also added a cooling unit for external cooling of parts, which we developed for the first time within the company. With this victory, there is no longer a need for daily handling of parts, weighing a total of 2.5 tons.

Production optimization is at the core of our efforts as we strengthen our position as a development supplier. Therefore, the winners of the "Every Victory Counts" competition also include the team that developed interfaces for the MES system. They acquired and set up the entire data structure, organized it by content, and connected it with audio and visual signals. With this victory, they ensured accessibility of important and timely data to all employees in production, improved response time in case of stoppages, and enabled better production efficiency. Thank you for taking care of the optimal operation of our production and timely fulfillment of our customers' orders with your improvements.




Strategic marketing plays a crucial role in opening up new business opportunities. Therefore, undoubtedly, the winners are also our marketing team, for the design and implementation of the SWOOŠ – AHHH campaign. All videos were created using mobile phones in a home environment. The effectiveness of the marketing campaign was demonstrated by a noticeable increase in Organko Daily sales. They also received the Best Creative Campaign 2023 award for the campaign's achievements.

Behind every exceptional innovation stands a passionate team of experts, where each contributes an important part to the development. Therefore, colleagues responsible for launching Organko Daily are also among the winners. The first product made from 100% recycled materials, which received two prestigious international awards from experts: the Red Dot Design Award and the Big See Product Design Award. You have strengthened our position as a leading innovator in more than 56 markets, and thank you for expanding the portfolio of our brand.

Special recognition was also given to the team that created the Skaza Guide. This useful source of information is intended for new employees, making it easier for them to integrate into our company, as well as for existing employees, as it contains key information about activities in the company and basic processes




The continuous professional development of our employees is one of our fundamental commitments because we firmly believe that they are our greatest asset. And because we know that knowledge multiplies when shared, our golden girls from the HR department are also among the winners. They breathed life into the Skaza mentor project, through which mentees strengthened desired competencies and mutual cooperation, deepened knowledge, and skills in responsible project execution.

Among the winners of the "Every Victory Counts" competition for 2023 is also the team that developed the housing for electric vehicle charging stations. They reduced the number of metal parts by 38%, enabling mass production with 50% lower costs. By transitioning to polycarbonate instead of aluminum, they reduced weight by 35% while maintaining functionality and aesthetics. Our sustainable efforts have led to a 75% reduction in carbon footprint, meaning 64 kg less CO2 per charging unit.

Thank you, our esteemed colleagues, for fulfilling Skaza's commitment that every action of ours brings a positive impact on the environment and strengthens our position as trendsetters in the global electrical and furniture industry. Your contribution to the technological advancement of the company, increasing added value, and enhancing the reputation of our brand are key to our growth and successful operations in more than 56 markets. Together, we build bridges and invite talents and companies to our ranks, as sustainable business is the vision we want to attract the whole world to if we want to preserve our planet for habitation.




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