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Best coworkes of the year


Every year in the company, we select our top colleagues and leader. The individuals who receive the most votes are usually our mentors, with whom we feel excellent and who inspire us. Thanks to them, the atmosphere in the teams is pleasant, and they significantly contribute to the efficiency of the teams they participate in.


We announce the winners of the voting at the pre-New Year's party, and their pictures and achievements adorn our company throughout the year. Additionally, we reward them with indulgence in a carefully chosen location, as an expression of special attention for their significant contribution to creating a positive culture in the company.


Best coworkers of the year. 

This year's top leader is Blaž Ojsteršek, the leader of production optimization, packaging,  and automation,  about whom colleagues say he stands behind the team and knows how to motivate them. He is principled,  friendly,  humorous, insightful,  and together with them,  he implements the company's technological advancement.


The top colleagues this year are Katarina Platovšek, HR Specialist, Bojan Mežnar, production preparer, and Nenad Rogić, process technologist. All three are recognized as trustworthy colleagues, whom we can always count on, both for help at work and for good conversation and great mood. We are proud of the willingness of our colleagues to contribute to our selection of top colleagues and leaders,  adding value to exceptional individuals who significantly contribute to strengthening our positive company culture and who,  by their example, strengthen the cohesion of our teams since relationships are one of our fundamental values. Likewise, we can only achieve our progress with connected teams, as we believe that knowledge multiplies when shared.


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