Nov 11, 2021 by Plastika Skaza

Bokashi Organko 2 recognized as Desirable Development Product


From 18 to 24 October, the online platform MOM - Maison & Objet And More organized a virtual fair Digital Days Desirable Development, during which the Swedish influencer Emma Olbers selected trendy sustainable products. We are glad to announce that our second-generation composter, Bokashi Organko 2, the recipient of the Red Dot Design Award, has also made it to the list.

The digital platform MOM brings a rich assortment of trendy furniture and interior design of various brands and as such serves as a source of inspiration for consumers while offering companies a space where they can display their quality products. At a time when the realization of exhibition fairs is uncertain, the platform decided to organize the so-called digital days, during which visitors can walk around the online exhibition rooms, attend one of the round tables and choose from a rich program of activities.
Bokashi Organko 2 is considered a trendy eco-friendly product

At the end of October, they invited the Swedish influencer Emma Olbers to participate, selecting and highlighting the most sustainable and trendy products on the platform. Emma Olbers is a Swedish designer and creative director who strives to create environmentally friendly products. In her work, she pays attention to the selection of environmentally friendly materials and thoughtful production. Emma believes that sustainability and product life cycles are key concerns, which she considers when designing new products.

We are happy and proud that our sustainable composter Bokashi Organko 2 has been recognized as a product for the future, as we made it with the environment in mind, and at the same time we wanted to create an eye-catching product for your kitchen counter.

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