Dec 11, 2023 by Plastika Skaza

Book Spremembe vredna encourages the first steps towards living the life you desire


This year's World Congress of Entrepreneurs, "Creators for Centuries," hosts successful and sustainably oriented companies, municipalities, and distinguished international experts from the Balkans who reflect sustainability and ESG principles. Among them stands out Tanja Skaza, who will receive her second prestigious award, "Creators for Centuries," among 107 candidates from nine countries. The award recognizes the outstanding achievements of the co-owner of Skaza company, director of the Skaza Institute, and author of the book "Worthy Changes" in the development of women's entrepreneurship in Central and Southeastern Europe. This recognition reflects her professional success, vision, and mission to create positive impacts on the economy, society, and the reputation of Skaza company.

Book Spremembe vredna encourages the first steps towards living the life you desire

During the cultural evening with a beautiful musical prelude, author Skaza addressed the gathered awardees and entrepreneurs, delivering a motivational speech and presenting her book "Worthy Changes," which has already captured the hearts of thousands of women in Slovenia. The author felt the desire to address women in this region as well. "Worthy Changes" represents an exceptionally inspiring path to personal and business excellence, emphasizing the message that happiness and satisfaction cannot be sought externally. Instead, the author highlights the importance of dedicating oneself to personal growth and stepping out of the comfort zone. Through sincere personal stories and bitter experiences, the book guides readers through the path of development and progress, encouraging positive thinking and problem-solving. The book is intended for women who want to become happy and successful, offering insight into the inner world that is sometimes neglected. Addressing readers on various levels, from facing challenges to recognizing their talents and strengths, the author establishes a strong connection with the audience.

The evening was enriched by the exceptional lecture of Prof. Dr. Velimir Srić titled "Why is Strategic Foresight Important for Managers?" where the author of global bestsellers repeatedly referred to the presentation of author Skaza, particularly emphasizing key components of successful and competitive companies, including personal and career growth of employees, connected teams, and transparency in business operations.

Through her book, Tanja Skaza shares valuable insights and encouragement to improve the quality of life on all levels. If you haven't read the book yet, it is available here:

It makes an excellent gift for yourself and your loved ones, including business partners.

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