Sep 25, 2020 by Bart Stegeman, CEO

[COLUMN] by Bart Stegeman: Virtual, virtual, virtual


The world is becoming more and more virtual. If just a few years ago, we had our first glimpse of online life in communities such as Second Life, it seems nowadays our whole “real” life is moving to the virtual world.

When I was growing up the internet wasn’t the new normal yet. That’s probably why the concept of living in the virtual is not my favorite, and why I sometimes find it hard to justify all the rapid changes, which are not always positive.
But nevertheless, I embrace all the benefits internet and online tools have to offer, and I particularly enjoy those parts that make my life easier.
So how can we organize our yearly children’s charity run, when the restrictions are currently so strict due to the epidemic? By combining the best of both worlds – the real one and the virtual one.

Our solution: Skaza’s Virtual Charity Run for Children

It’s very simple; everyone can participate in this event by using their smartphone and documenting their run. There is no need to come to a big stadium filled with other people. By heading to the park, your favorite hill, or running around your town, you can still be charitable. 
To participate in Skaza’s Virtual Charity Run for Children, you just fill the application form on our webpage and then share your running stats on your social media.
With a simple run, no matter how long the track, you will help raise the funds for children from socially disadvantaged environments. All the funds will be dedicated entirely to the purchase of school and other educational supplies.

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