Jul 29, 2020 by Bart Stegeman, CEO

[COLUMN] Get the right people on the bus

In the movement

I got an audiobook Good to Great by Jim Collins a few years ago. And one of the lines that caught my attention was to ‘get the right people on the bus’.

This concept means it’s not as important to know where people should sit as long as they are headed in the right direction. This is basically the only recipe for how to build a great company, and in the aftermath of the first bump in the economy (due to the decisions made in the light of fighting the Covid-19 pandemic), it makes Skaza much more agile.

It might also mean that in this respect, some people did not find their path in Skaza - the ones who missed the boat or, in this analogy, the bus.

So how does this concept show?

When you organize your annual company picnic with a charity bazaar and more colleagues come than ever before, cleaning up the surroundings, donating a fair amount to our traditional run Otrok otroku (Child to a Child Run).

And having a great time all along.

Starting a new era after this strange period left behind us now.

Then you realize you have the right people on your bus.

We are what we choose,
The people that we let stay,
The things that we keep.


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