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Congratulations to Atlantic Droga Kolinska, the ESG champion of Slovenia 2024!
22 May 2024

Congratulations to Atlantic Droga Kolinska, the ESG champion of Slovenia 2024!

Congratulations to Atlantic Droga Kolinska, the ESG champion of Slovenia 2024!

As emphasized by Mitja Pirc, Director at Kearney, ESG serves as a motivator for people and company culture, creating more value in all categories:

  • 16% higher employee productivity
  • Companies with higher ESG ratings achieve a 40% better financial performance compared to those with lower ratings
  • Improved collaboration with customers
  • Greater brand credibility

Kearney's research has shown that the greatest focus should be on people, diversity, and inclusion, as well as strengthening a robust organizational culture for long-term success.

Niko Medved

Niko Medved shared Skaza's experiences, highlighting the focus on developing employee competencies through internal and external education, recognizing team excellence through competitions like "Every Win Counts," involvement in the company's overall development, and organizing social events, including engaging employees' children in Skaza's week and the charitable Skaza Run Child to Child, scheduled for May 18, 2024.

Other distinguished companies have also shared their excellent practices, inspiring with good ideas for strengthening ESG principles:

  • Anita Jerala Peterman from Elan
  • Blaž Medja from Pivovarna Union
  • Tina Mavrič from Aquafill

Mojca Kunšek expanded our knowledge about Sustainable Reporting under the new European directive CSRD.

We also extend our gratitude to:

  • Nikolaja Podgoršek Selič from Cinkarna Celje
  • Jani Benčini Henigman from BKS Bank AG
  • Tadeja Primožič Merkač from SIJ Group

Thank you for sharing valuable insights on how companies will responsibly approach reporting in accordance with ERSR requirements.

An interesting discussion on expected practices for improving communication in line with ESG principles was led by the exceptional Tina Cipot in a conversation with Urša Golob Podnar and Mojca Gornjak.

We look forward to all the progress that ERSR brings for our planet, and we thank Časnik Finance, especially Barbara Pavlin, for choosing the right topics at the right time, through which we all take concrete steps for our planet.

We thank all participating companies and individuals for their dedication to sustainable business practices and the inspiration they provide with their practices.

Congratulations to Atlantic Droga Kolinska for winning the title of ESG Champion of Slovenia 2024! Your commitment to a holistic approach to ESG principles is incredibly encouraging and inspiring. We look forward to further progress and positive changes contributed both within the company and in the Slovenian economy.