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Slovenian volleyball players qualified for the Olympics after their victory over Argentina.
19 Jun 2024

Congratulations to the Slovenian men's volleyball team for qualifying for the Olympic Games

A recent victory against Argentina and an outstanding fourth place ranking in the world have once again written a fairy tale in Slovenian sports. "We believed in them to make history in Slovenian sports, as the team is high-quality, passionate, and cohesive. That's why we decided to support them even before their qualification for the Olympics," said Niko Medved, deputy director of Skaza, after yesterday's win in the first match of the Nations League tournament in Ljubljana. "Our decision is based on shared values and belief in their ability to set trends and achieve top results, just as Skaza does in the business world."

The team achieved an outstanding start to the Nations League tournament in Ljubljana yesterday, defeating resilient Argentina convincingly with a score of 3-0 (23, 22, 27) in front of their home audience and officially confirming their participation in the upcoming Olympic Games in Paris. Their historic fourth place ranking in the world standings is evidence of their exceptionalism and unwavering desire for success.

Sponsorship of the Slovenian men's volleyball team by Skaza reflects our commitment to enhancing sports achievements and sustainable values. Through the #BlockThePlasticBag - pass Organko! campaign, we promote sustainable practices and showcase Slovenia as an example of innovation and sustainable development on the international stage. We proudly support the team on their journey to the Olympic Games in Paris, where we believe they will demonstrate their determination and quality. Niko Medved, deputy director of Skaza, adds: "At Skaza, we are always at the forefront of trends and prioritize quality. Therefore, sponsoring the Slovenian men's volleyball team is a logical choice because we believe in their ability to set a new milestone in Slovenian team sports."

Jelena Rašula, marketing manager at Skaza, explained the concept of the #BlockThePlasticBag - pass Organko! campaign, which combines fundamental elements of volleyball with Skaza's key message - no more plastic bags in organic waste: "We drew inspiration from volleyball terms and sought common ground to communicate the campaign's key message. Volleyball players block the bag on the net and pass the ball to each other, transforming volleyball players into our main heroes committed to preserving the environment by blocking plastic bags in organic waste. It is essential to offer people a solution - Organko Daily is made from 100% recycled materials, available in various colors, and suitable for every kitchen countertop."

With this sponsorship, we proudly unite the outstanding sports achievements of the Slovenian men's volleyball team with our dedication to sustainable development. We recognize that the Olympic Games are one of the most-watched global events, which is why through the #BlockThePlasticBag - pass Organko! campaign, we actively encourage reducing the use of plastic bags. This initiative not only promotes Slovenia as a sports and sustainability-focused country but also strengthens Slovenia's positive image as an innovative economic force advocating for sustainable practices.

You are invited to watch the video advertisements #BlockThePlasticBag - pass Organko!