Oct 12, 2022 by Plastika Skaza

Customers of the Skaza online store are double winners


We opened a new online store in October. In addition to kitchen accessories made from sugar cane, you can also find sustainable products made from recycled waste plastic with which you can turn waste food into a new resource.

  • There is already an island in the Pacific the size of three Germanys and it consists entirely of waste plastic.

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Become part of the solution to environmental global problems.

By clicking on bokashiorganko.si, containers for collecting and composting biological waste are available to customers from the comfort of their home couch. Organko Daily and Bokashi compost bins (Bokashi Organko) are made from recycled plastic.

  • The volume of waste is reduced by 25 percent.

One-hand emptying of Organko Daily in the Bokashi Organko 1 composter, Bokashi Organko 1 behind - image - low res 1986000

Exclusively on bokashiorganko.si.

Only in their online store are kitchen accessories made from sugar cane available to customers. You can choose from plates, glasses, bowls, squeezers and pitchers. By using them, you will contribute to the reduction of plastic waste in the world and become a double winner.

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