Jun 26, 2023 by Plastika Skaza

Family-owned company Skaza is helping with German waste legislation


We are a leading partner with 46 years of experience in creating sustainable solutions in the furniture and electrical industries, and we are actively seeking a strategic partner in the German market. Our vision is based on innovation, efficiency, and sustainability, enabling us to create unique solutions for reducing plastic waste on our planet and promoting a sustainable way of life. At the recent Spoga Gafa trade fair, we showcased our innovative solutions that enable compliance with German waste management legislation. We firmly advocate for the importance of waste separation and encourage people worldwide to adopt sustainable waste management practices.

We are committed to sustainable development and actively contribute to environmental preservation and compliance with the requirements of the circular economy legislation in Germany. One of our key focuses is continuously increasing the use of environmentally friendly materials. In 2022, we procured 4,976,114.2 kg of plastic materials, of which 43.1% were recyclates, representing a 2.5% increase compared to the previous year. In the same year, we successfully reintroduced 1,031,745 kg of recycled materials into the circular economy.


Skaza presented its own brand of sustainable products at Spoga Gafa, including the Bokashi Organko kitchen composters. These composters are designed for the separation and composting of organic waste in households, promoting greater adoption of sustainable waste management practices. Last year, Skaza introduced two new products in the Bokashi line, Bokashi Organko Essential and Organko Daily. Both products are made from recycled plastic, with the proportion of recyclate continuously increasing. Bokashi Organko Essential is already made from 77.9% recyclate, while Organko Daily, this year's recipient of the Red Dot Award for quality and design, contains as much as 90% recyclate.


In addition to using more environmentally friendly materials, we actively engage in sustainable practices and innovations required by the circular economy legislation in Germany. We adhere to the changes in the Waste Framework Directive, which promote the circular economy, with the aim of waste prevention and increased recycling. We actively utilize recycled materials in the production of new products and promote material reuse.


Skaza is ready to support Germany in implementing sustainable waste management practices. Our innovative Bokashi Organko composters are the answer to these requirements. In addition, our company also offers self-watering systems for homes and gardens and sustainable kitchen accessories. At a time when the demand for sustainable solutions and self-sufficiency is increasing, our products are crucial in creating high-quality and sustainable self-sufficiency. I see the greatest added value and a perfect response to German waste management legislation in the sustainable waste management of local communities, kindergartens, schools, restaurants, and other major producers of organic waste through the use of our composters. We urge everyone to join forces and together create a sustainable future where every individual and organization takes responsibility for the environment. Let's collaborate and create a better tomorrow for all of us.


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