Feb 25, 2022 by Plastika Skaza

From used toothbrushes to a new product


We visited the third-graders of Mozirje Primary School, who have been organizing a proper collection campaign over the last few months. They carefully and enthusiastically collected used toothbrushes, and with even greater joy guessed what would become of them. We would like to remind you that last year we launched the ECOkidCARE – Anybody can be an ECO hero, which aims to teach children the right way of thinking and relating to the environment.

In the autumn days, we held a workshop on plastics, where together with Ekologi brez meja (Ecologists Without Borders), we presented the properties and uses of plastics, taught children about the impact of plastics on the whole society, and then reflected with them on what we can do instead of throwing plastics away.

EcoKidCare - Z odsluženimi zobnimi ščetkami do novega izdelka

We met the children again after a couple of months and were positively surprised by their knowledge about plastics. They were full of joy and talked about how we can reduce the amount of single-use plastic products and thus do good for the environment. How they help in clean-up campaigns because they know that waste does not belong in nature and why they have been carefully collecting used toothbrushes for the last two months. With a sparkle in their eyes, they came up with one idea after another: making a new toothbrush so big that it will be listed in the Guinness Book of World Records, making new toothbrushes, such that would clean our teeth on their own, without any help, making T-shirts and shoes, a football ball, notebook covers, phones... and there were even more and more interesting ideas coming from the mouths of young enthusiastic children.

And what are we really going to make? It is soon to be revealed...

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