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How can elite sports increase brand awareness?
6 Jun 2024

How can elite sports increase brand awareness?

#Blokirajvrečko - podaj Organka!
(#BlockTheBag - Pass the Organko!)

The Slovenian company Skaza has entered into a significant sponsorship partnership with the Slovenian men's volleyball team ahead of this year's Olympic Games in Paris. They have launched the #BlockTheBag - Pass the Organko! campaign, which combines the fundamental elements of volleyball with Skaza's key message – no more plastic bags in biodegradable waste.
Jelena Rašula, Skaza's marketing manager and the author of the entire creative concept, explains: "We drew inspiration from the expressions commonly used in volleyball and sought common ground for communicating the key message of the campaign. Volleyball players block the bag at the net and pass the ball between themselves, so with the #BlockTheBag - Pass the Organko! campaign, we turned volleyball players into our main heroes, committed to preserving a clean environment by blocking plastic bags in biodegradable waste. It is essential to offer people a solution – Organko Daily, made from 100% recycled material, available in various colors, and suitable for every kitchen counter."
They expect the sponsorship to primarily increase Skaza's brand awareness and improve consumer awareness. Single-use plastic accounts for 40% of all plastic produced annually. In 2022 alone, we used 130 billion plastic bags worldwide, more than three billion per day. Their production requires vast amounts of oil, contributing to greenhouse gas emissions and the destruction of natural habitats. Even our diet introduces plastic through marine organisms that end up on our plates.
Niko Medved, Skaza's deputy director, explains that the fundamental decision was based on shared values: "Skaza's values are closely intertwined with the fundamental principles of sports. Courage is essential both in the business world and in sports; just as athletes face challenges on the field, the company also makes bold decisions in setting trends. Responsibility in volleyball means reliability and loyalty to the team, and at Skaza, we strive for a similar spirit of responsibility towards the environment and the community. Progress is also a common thread, as we always strive to set new milestones and achieve higher goals. Relationships in volleyball mean a solid team and collaboration, which is also the foundation of our business, as we believe in the power of teamwork. Sustainability, as the last and extremely important value, is common to both our company and athletes who operate with the goal of achieving sustainable successes."
Ensuring a sustainable future and promoting Slovenian values are key elements that Skaza brings to the global stage. The Olympic Games are one of the most-watched events in the world, allowing us to promote the reduction of plastic bag usage on a global scale, and with the #BlockTheBag - Pass the Organko! campaign, we emphasize Slovenia as a country that values sports, teamwork, and sustainable development. This contributes to the positive image of Slovenia as an economically successful force committed to sustainable practices.

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