Jul 27, 2022 by Plastika Skaza



Skaza is setting sustainable development trends in the plastics industry

Our colleagues Simona Vajnhandl and Janez Slapnik attended the "Kick-off meeting" of the European INCREACE project in Berlin. This official kick-off marked the beginning of numerous project activities and challenges in the introduction of advanced recycling

Our company is involved in the development of trends, guidelines and circular economy strategies for the plastics industry. The added value our company brings to the table is the co-creation of a successful and, above all, sustainable story in the field of introducing advanced recycled materials for various applications, professional growth in the field of recycled materials, through which we maintain a high level of in-house knowledge, as well as networking with other stakeholders in the value chain of sustainable materials.

We are the only Slovenian company participating in the European INCREACE project. We are proud and grateful to be sitting at the same table as the multinational companies that are setting the guidelines for sustainable development in the plastics industry.

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