Apr 7, 2023 by Plastika Skaza

Less is more: Workshops for primary school students


In the "Less is More" project, which we are carrying out in collaboration with the Ecologists Without Borders, we are organizing workshops for primary school students to introduce them to the first steps towards a sustainable way of life. Through the workshops and the project, we uphold the fundamental values of our company - responsibility and sustainability - and tackle the issue of plastic and organic waste management. The project includes 10 primary schools where we will hold the workshops.

The "Less is More" operation, financed by the European Union and the Republic of Slovenia, addresses several levels of environmental concerns, including environmental protection, reduction and reuse of plastic waste, adaptation of agriculture to climate change, sustainable food production and consumption, and reduction of food waste. The operation involves 5 Slovenian LAGs and an Irish LAG, which together have 23 partners under their umbrella.

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At one of the workshops at Šmarje pri Jelšah Primary School, we attended a presentation on different types of plastics, interactive workshops, and a short animated film about the impact of plastics on marine animals.

The first goal of the "Less is More" project is to raise awareness among primary school children about plastic and its primary and secondary use. We want to show that waste plastic is not just garbage, but can serve as an important secondary raw material for the production of new products. From the collected plastic, we will develop a new material and create new products, such as kitchen composters Bokashi Organko, so that children can see how waste plastic can be used in practice.

Our second project goal will be achieved in the next phase, where we will educate primary school students about organic waste management and composting.

Workshops like these are an example of best practices in educating primary school children about the first steps towards a circular economy, through which they gain knowledge for a more sustainable way of life.

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