Mar 27, 2023 by Plastika Skaza

Meet Skaza at the JdC Garden trends fair in Marseille


Skaza, a leading Slovenian provider of sustainable products with a 45-year tradition, is pleased to announce its participation in the JdC Garden trends fair, which will take place from March 28th to 30th in Marseille. Skaza's team will present their portfolio of sustainable products, including the Bokashi Organko family for composting and reducing organic waste, and the VIVA2 collection - a sustainable tabletop plastic program that replaces disposable tableware with various products.

Skaza is striving to expand the sales of their new Bokashi Organko Essential and Organko daily products in the retail chain. Additionally, Skaza aims to introduce the Bokashi category in larger garden center chains. Skaza's product portfolio offers solutions for implementing new legislation in France on the management of organic waste, which will come into effect in January next year. Skaza's sustainable plastic tabletop program also supports the new legislation banning the use of disposable plastic products. Therefore, they are designed for multiple use and made of bioplastics.

At the JdC Garden trends fair, an interactive presentation of Skaza's products on an LED screen will include educational content explaining the benefits of Bokashi composting, how to use Bokashi Organko, materials used in products, and a focus on sustainable living and recycled plastics.

"We are delighted to showcase our sustainable products at the JdC Garden trends fair and present the Bokashi Organko family for composting and reducing organic waste," said Darko Šuman, a representative of Skaza. "We are committed to promoting sustainable living and responsible consumption and hope to find a distributor and partner to expand our presence in the French market and beyond."

To schedule a meeting with Skaza's team at the JdC Garden trends fair in Marseille, visit Join Skaza in its mission to create a sustainable future through responsible action and sustainable living.







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