May 13, 2022 by Plastika Skaza

Our collaboration with the Sustainable community in Dubai is one of the best sustainability oriented business practices in Slovenia

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Skaza cocreates and co-shapes cities of the future. It is taking part in one of the most important aspects of sustainability – correct management of biological waste. Our innovative product Bokashi Organko 2, a second-generation multiple award-winning kitchen composter, has been in use for almost a year by some of the inhabitants of Sustainable City Dubai.

Using our Bokashi Organko on their home garden or kitchen counter they produce quality compost base, fermentation liquid for plant fertilization, and biological drain cleaning fluid. With our help they also ensure that the loop of food waste circulation is complete, making waste into a new resource.

Our collaboration with the Sustainable community in Dubai has been ranked among the top three business practices in the field of sustainability as a part of the Best of the Best program, prepared by the American Chamber of Commerce AmCham Slovenia. We are going to be competing for the best of the best spot in the start of October, together with Lek d.d. and University of Ljubljana, as well as Triglav Group. You will also be able to contribute your votes. We will keep you up to date with all the current activities.

In a similar way that we do with the Sustainable community in Dubai, we also collaborate with organizations in Ecuador, Chile, USA, and Portugal, as well as Snaga Maribor in Slovenia, where our Bokashi Organko is already used by 500 households to achieve a more sustainable way of organic waste management.

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