Jun 25, 2021 by Plastika Skaza

Reception for first-graders


I will go to school, but only as a joke, while being serious at home;,
I will study a little, little bit, and fool around as much as possible.

In school I'll fool around by writing carefully and jokingly without any trouble
read, calculate, exercise, draw – but at home I'll seriously play.

Jokes in school are awarded by an A, fun while playing for my hard work at home.
And let it be: only my mischievous half will be the one who knows all.

(Miroslav Košuta)

We served the kids some breakfast

With a poem to kick things off, we invited the soon-to-be first-graders of our coworkers to a reception at our company. Some very special moments are approaching, in fact, when our little Skazalčki (as we like to call them) will finally become true schoolchildren. Because we at Skaza wish for their first steps in school to be as easy and memorable as possible, we prepared a very special reception for them at our company, where our encouraging words could give them the courage to make the transition to elementary school.

At the event, where we first served the kids some breakfast, they all got to know each other and also received surprise gifts. The latter included some school supplies, which seemed to make the kids very happy.

The first-graders received surprise gifts

Skaza received the title of Family-friendly company back in 2014 and ever since then, we’ve been doing our best to improve our existing activities year after year. We believe that through that, we’re helping our coworkers in juggling their family and job responsibilities. We realize that for a successful company, it is important to have satisfied and content coworkers.

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