Jun 4, 2019 by Plastika Skaza

Recognition for Skaza with TARAS award


Skaza Company was among the receivers of the TARAS 2019 award. We received recognition in partnership and cooperation with the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Maribor, for the development of an advanced system for separating the secondary raw material of transparent polycarbonate.

In the field of development and innovation, Skaza cooperates with several academic institutions with which they share a related mission, especially a responsible attitude towards the environment, embedded in all aspects of sustainable development.

"We are pleased to be able to boast good cooperation with the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, with dr. Simon Klančnik, which gives such exceptional results. Precisely because of our joint solution, machine vision, we are proud finalists for the prestigious Taras Award, "which was presented yesterday in Portorož. The recognition of experts and independent institutions is a measure of our innovation, progress and well-organized, efficient cooperation", said project leader, at Skaza, dr. Branka Viltužnik, Head of Research and Innovation.

An advanced system for the separation of recycled transparent polycarbonate works on the basis of artificial intelligence and is capable of learning or identifying good ones from poor granules of input materials in the production of their products.

"With our vision, we ensure that in our production in the future we will be able to use more and more recyclables, which until now due to impurities and other degradation of the material have not been successful. This award is a great public confirmation that we are creating breakthrough solutions, and for us internally, we are acting in the direction of our values ​​and mission, and we prove that cooperation is the key to the greatest successes", said the project leader in Skaza.

The Taras Award is awarded within the Industrial Forum IRT for the most successful cooperation between the economy and research and development environment in the field of innovation, development and technology.

Taras Award


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