Apr 21, 2023 by Plastika Skaza

Recognizing Good Work with Praise, Skaza Boosts Productivity and Creativity Among Employees


Skaza encourages a positive attitude among colleagues and recognition for good work. That's why they encourage employees to personally praise or write positive feedback, which can be dropped into a box of compliments collected every quarter. And it has proven to be very successful.

In the first quarter, they received an incredible 91 compliments, addressed to 60 different employees. This shows that they appreciate the excellent work of their colleagues and highlight their achievements. Skaza is convinced that acknowledging good things and actions promotes greater productivity, collaboration, and creativity within the company.

The most praised during this period were the golden girls from the HR department - Anja, Ema, Špela, and Katarina. With their exceptional work, they contributed to the company's success and stand out for their attitude towards people and work. The head of the HR department, Aleksandra Logar, expressed her satisfaction and pride in her colleagues.

Skaza believes that the key to success is a good team that works together and helps each other. Working with the golden girls from the HR department is proof that they are on the right track and as a team, they are unbeatable. Therefore, they wish the winners to continue with their excellent work and inspire others with their achievements.

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