Dec 5, 2023 by Plastika Skaza

Santa Claus and Bakery Miš Maš enthralled the children of our colleagues


The pre-Christmas gifting for the children of Skaza's employees was a fairy-tale experience that unfolded in the enchanting atmosphere of the Cultural Center in Velenje. The venue came to life with the curious eyes of children, accompanied by their parents, entering the magical world with the performance of the Bakery Miš Map play.

Santa Claus and Bakery Miš Maš enthralled the children of our colleagues

As the children followed the adventures in the Miš Maš bakery, they joyfully and curiously encountered magical creatures, gaining important life lessons. The highlight of the evening was the visit from Santa Claus, who filled the hall with a festive atmosphere through his presence and gifts. Each child received special attention, as we believe they are wonderful souls, full of curiosity, sincerity, and an open spirit.

The pre-Christmas gathering with colleagues and their children was not just an opportunity for gift-giving but also for magical moments, strengthening the bonds between us. Through handshakes and pleasant conversations, we shared precious moments that extended beyond the sweet indulgence, enriching us with the warmth of shared experiences.

The event warmed our hearts and emphasized the importance of interpersonal relationships, socializing, and the time we spend together, even beyond the work environment. Children represent our future, and together we are building bridges that further connect our families and Skaza. This magical experience reminded us that moments spent together are the ones that create lasting memories and enrich our lives.

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