Oct 27, 2023 by Plastika Skaza

Skaza Among Recipients of 2023 Metrology Excellence Certificates


In the pursuit of the highest quality in measurement solutions, Lotrič Metrology awarded prestigious 2023 Metrology Excellence Certificates. These accolades recognize the exceptional efforts of companies dedicated to continual improvement in metrology. Lotrič's initiative not only emphasizes the significance of excellence in the measurement industry but also encourages other businesses to join them on the path to exceptional standards.Skaza Among Recipients of 2023 Metrology Excellence Certificates

Among the distinguished 132 recipients of the certificate is Skaza. The recognition signifies not only our commitment to collaborating with Lotrič Metrology for the highest quality measurement systems but also our dedication to the utmost quality of our products. Benjamin Hostnikar, Quality Manager, remarked upon receiving the certificate: "This achievement forms a crucial piece of the mosaic building trust with our existing business partners. It also substantiates our position as the top choice for partners in developing sustainable solutions and plastic products."

We extend our gratitude to Lotrič Metrology for this prestigious recognition and eagerly anticipate continued collaboration in shaping a future marked by excellence and sustainability.

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