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Skaza has been awarded the EQTM quality certificate
8 Jul 2024

Skaza has been awarded the EQTM quality certificate

The EQTM certificate for own-brand products, including Bokashi Organko composters, Organko Daily daily waste bins, and table kitchenware, is the result of dedicated work by Skaza's quality team and efforts by all Skaza employees in recent years. "I express gratitude to all colleagues whose contributions ensure our quality is recognized and valued," said Niko Medved, assistant director of Skaza, upon receiving the EQTM certificate. The EQTM certificate, valid for three years, comprehensively evaluates each product, covering all stages from development through sales and continuous improvements. View our award-winning products and explore the impact of the EQTM certificate across our entire business operations.

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Companies receiving the EQTM certificate meet the following criteria:

  • Demonstrating the uniqueness of the product.
  • Financial stability.
  • Implementing a quality management system ensuring consistent product quality, continuously monitored and developed to meet customer expectations.

Additionally, the product must meet these criteria:

  • Being on the market for at least three years with development by the company.
  • At least 60% of production in Europe, in accordance with national and international legislation.
  • Compliance with health and enivoremntal safety requirements.
  • Product conformity rate exceeds 90%.


Slovenian companies with the EQTM certificate include Petrol, Unior, and Gorenje, among others.

Acquiring the EQTM certificate confirms our commitment to quality and sustainable development, placing us at the forefront of customers seeking superior quality. We believe the certificate will positively impact the sales of our products, crucial for strengthening our brand in the Slovenian and global markets. As ambassadors of the Slovenian economy, as termed by SPIRIT Slovenia, and recipients of awards such as Big SEE and Red Dot, we take pride in providing consumers with quality endorsed by prestigious awards and certificates.

All received awards and certificates assure our customers of selecting products of exceptional quality, which delights us sincerely. View our products here: Obtaining the EQTM certificate is a significant milestone for Skaza, affirming our path toward excellence and sustainable development. We are proud to join an elite group of companies meeting the highest standards of excellence and look forward to a bright future, greatly influenced by the EQTM certificate.