Jul 14, 2020 by Plastika Skaza

Skaza holiday week for our children – green, eco, sustainable


Another Skaza holiday week for children of our employees has come to an end. A green educational program, which put smiles on the faces of both, children and adults, was free of charge. And the moments the kids experienced during this week, however, were priceless.
The educational week started with positive energy, which Skaza’s kids quickly passed on to other employees. With their innocence and smile, Skaza’s workspace was filled to the brim with playfulness immediately.
On their first day, Skaza’s children met with ecology. They learned how to separate waste and plastic in order to protect the environment. The responsibility to the planet that we instill at an early age is the one that will be the guiding and the most important principle of the individual.
Skaza’s minors also discovered their creativeness in the kitchen – they prepared some delicious chocolate cake pops covered with colorful creams. The desserts were given to the employees as well. Together with the sweetness of the cake pops, they also put a smile on the faces of the employees.

Skaza holiday week
During the visit of the production hall, the children were amazed by the recycled granules and the machines, which impressed them with their perfection. They learned how Bokashi Organko, their loved one, is made.
Considering that Skaza’s kids finally found out where Organko comes from, they deserved to get to know him in person. They spent a green day in nature with him and learned how to take care of the flowers by planting them.
Skaza’s values are a guide for all our employees, so we decided to teach our children about them as well. Pluck, mutual cooperation and charity are the values that make one adult a Human, and we are proud to spread them to our children. On the last day, the kids organized a charity market, during which they raised funds for the children of Velenje inter-community friends-of-youth association. The satisfaction the toddlers experienced at the end of the day was indescribable.
We believe the children learned a lot about the environment and about life itself this week. We believe that Skaza's employees can be an excellent example to raise them as socially and environmentally responsible people in order to save our planet.

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