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Skaza received the 2020 Best HR Practice Award


At yesterday's 39th International Scientific Conference on the Development of Organizational Sciences, Skaza received the award for best HR practice 2020. Special recognition is the confirmation of the successful transformation of the Velenje company into a modern organization, which puts concern for business and personal development of employees. Skaza earned the victory with a number of innovative personnel approaches, among which the principle of staffing with the right people in the right jobs, and education and reward systems stand out.

This year was a year full of challenges for the company, which further emphasized the role of appropriate organizational culture and good HR management. They are also well aware of their importance at the Faculty of Organizational Sciences, where together with the portal they organized the first competition for the best HR practice. Among all private and public sector employers, Skaza was recognized as the organization that best solves human resources challenges and was awarded the recognition for best HR practice in 2020.

"At Skaza, we are extremely proud of the award we have received, which proves that as a modern organization we successfully overcome all challenges and put the care for the business and personal growth of our employees in the first place. We believe that our employees are the company’s greatest asset. That is why we build such an organizational culture that allows them to be happy and content. Only with such a team can we realize our mission together and exceed the expectations of our customers," said the CEO Bart Stegeman.

At Skaza, which also boasts the Family-friendly Company certificate, they attach great importance to the balance of work and private life, which they achieve with flexible working hours and the possibility of working from home, and one of their most advanced approaches is the introduction of a 6-hour workday.

Among the solutions that ensure the commitment and loyalty of employees are the onboarding system, the introduction of constant feedback, and following the principle of staffing the right people in the right jobs, which allows the possibility of progress in both horizontal and vertical directions. They offer their employees a range of internal and external training, they have also implemented the Skaza mentor program and an automated training program within the HR panel, in which employees participate in deciding what additional knowledge they need in their work.

The wider talent development space, which acts as an incubator for new ideas, is being built with innovative practices such as the implementation of the Skaza hackathon. They also encourage creative thinking with the BIPS system (Boundless Ideas of Plastika Skaza). With it, all employees – from the production operator to the director's associate in a strategic position – can make suggestions for improving working conditions in all areas. If the implementation of an idea results in savings for the company, its author is rewarded with 10 % of the amount of these savings.

At Skaza, they connect their successes with socially responsible projects, in which they also actively involve their employees. The latest example of this is Skaza’s current charity run Otrok otroku, which runs until September 26th. This year's virtual challenge was also joined by Skaza's employees, who ran a total of 100 kilometers to help children in need.