Dec 6, 2023 by Plastika Skaza

Skaza Receives TOP Investor in Education Certificate


Skaza, the recipient of the TOP Investor in Education certificate, is delighted to announce that we have received the 2023 certification from PLANET GV, a leading education company. This prestigious recognition is accepted with great pride, affirming our commitment to continuous investment in the education and development of our employees. Investments in training and education form the foundation upon which Skaza's development is built. The ongoing development of our employees, the reinforcement of their knowledge, and the creation of a stimulating learning environment are crucial for shaping the best team, enabling us to successfully fulfill our mission across more than 50 markets.

Skaza Receives TOP Investor in Education Certificate

Katarina Platovšek and Klavdija Jelen from the Human Resources department accepted the certificate on behalf of Skaza.

Among the numerous training programs for our employees, where we emphasize workshops on the company's vision, mission, and values, we highlight the Skaza Mentor project. Through this project, we have strengthened the desired competencies of our employees who actively engaged in acquiring new knowledge through collaboration with selected mentors. This has contributed to strengthening relationships, leadership, and the successful completion of internal projects. The Skaza Mentor project also fosters mutual understanding of the operations of different departments, building bridges for successful collaboration and sustainable growth.

Skaza Receives TOP Investor in Education Certificate

With the TOP Investor in Education 2023 certificate, Skaza commits to further development and continuous investment in the knowledge and growth of our employees. We believe that knowledge multiplies when shared, and this recognition motivates us even more towards further achievements in the realms of sustainable business practices and education.

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