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Skaza & Sustainable City Dubai present the documentary »From food leftovers to food resource
28 Oct 2021

Skaza & Sustainable City Dubai: From food leftovers to food resource

Skaza is co-creating and co-designing the cities of the future. We are working towards one of the most important aspects of sustainability – the appropriate bio-waste management. The citizens of Sustainable City Dubai have been using our innovation Bokashi Organko, the award-winning second generation kitchen composter for the last 5 months already.

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With the help of our Bokashi Organko, the members of a sustainable community in Dubai can produce a high-quality compost base, fermentation liquid to fertilize plants, and biological sink cleaner in their home garden or kitchen counter. At the same time, they are taking care of closing the loop each day – at Skaza we call this process »BIO WASTE LOOP«.

This process has been captured in the documentary, filmed in September in Dubai with the residents of the sustainable community. It is a practical demonstration of our collaboration with the self-sufficient community of Sustainable City Dubai; the so-called pilot project in which we are using our products, Bokashi Organko composters, to contribute to closing the loop in food management. In the documentary, we are showing the steps of how a food scrap can become a source of new life. We are very happy to be able to showcase the documentary to Slovenia and the world in the Slovenian pavilion at EXPO 2020 in Dubai, on November 4, 2021.


The sustainable community in Dubai had all the solutions to implement circular operations, except for the food waste management, and here is where we joined and offered them optimized and more cost-efficient options with our products.

Counseling in the field of circular management is also one of the services we will soon start providing in our company. The goal is to find as many communities and municipalities as possible who would like to use circular food waste management to reduce transport costs and consequently contribute to a healthier environment. We would like to raise awareness that food waste is not waste, but a source of new life – in the community fermented food waste can be made into a high-quality compost with special procedures and returned to the residents who could use it in their gardens and fields.

Similarly, as with the sustainable community in Dubai, we are already cooperating with communities in Ecuador, Chile, the USA, and Portugal. Our goal is to expand our collaboration with communities across the world.